APPLICATION | We are Looking for Staffs!

A big Hello to all Pledis Fans there!
As the title says, we are currently looking for Co-Admins (on our twitter account @ASchoolBlaze) and Authors (for our Blog-site).
We wish to have and provide our thoughts and daily updates/news to our main subject –> “After School Boys”.
For the Application, you can send your form as a comment below.
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INFO/PROFILE | Profile of rumored member "After School Boys"

Name: Lee Hyun Ho/ Hyun

Birthday: November 1st 1988
Age: 23
Height: 182 cm
Known For: Acting in the “성교육닷컴”, Currently a Pledis Trainee Since 2006,Singing & Dancing abilities.
Other Info: received love calls from agencies in Hong Kong, close to After School’s Kahi, An Ex-SM Trainee together with Kahi,
Netizens are now speculating that he’ll be a part of Pledis’ male idol group “After School Boys/Pledis Boys
Speculated to be the Leader of the Group

PAGES | After School Boys being a HOT Topic

Days and week later after Pledis released their Vid. Audition for AS Boys’ 10th Member, fans then are excited. A day past last week when they trend in a country. After School Boys being a Hot Topic is preparing for their Hot Debut.
AS Boys’ Fans already made Fan-based Twitter Accounts, Forums, & Facebook Pages dedicated for the HOT Male Group.

VIDEO/AUDITION | Pledis is Looking for After School Boys’ Last Member on Youtube!

Recently, Pledis’ Official Youtube account released an Audition Video for AS Boys (

애프터스쿨 보이즈) last member last March 2. It was clearly stated that they would have 10 members. 

Here are some info: (translated)

21C-style icons, wall expense, after school, at orange caramel disc player of the agency 

We are looking for After School Boys’ 10th member. 

After School Boys – 10-member Male Idol Group with pure & powerful energy.

 A group representing their debut, will continue to grow.


E-MAIL received 1st – March 3 to March 19 

1st Announcement – March 21  

2nd Auditions – March 26 Final Announcement – March 31 

● How to apply 
1) E-MAIL Reception: to Profile (name, age, gender, height, weight) and pictures (general, close-up), please send 1st and only successful applicants will be notified individually E-MAIL. 2) The site received: 2nd day of the audition site can be sent 

 10세 ~ 19세 (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc …)

credit: PLEDIS
Source: ASUeeFacts