NEWS/PHOTOS l Finalists From Happy Pledis Audition! Future AS or ASB members?

Photos of the finalists from Happy Pledis Auditon have been uploaded.
They are seemed practicing or recording perhaps in a studio. Don’t lose track of these fresh faces, they might be the future idols in the making. Possibilities that other male finalists like Baek Myung Han would join Pledis Entertainment’s new Boy group “After School Boys”.

Photo 1: Kim Minkang

Photo 2: Son Juyeon

Photo 3: Baek Myunghan

****Note that these newbies are not yet the winners, they are just the finalists who are going to battle it out.

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NEWS l Schedule for After School, Orange Caramel and ‘ASB’- Playgirlz get Ready!

*Fairy Goddess Lizzy making PlayGirlz Wishes come true*
Orange Caramel September schedule:

13th – Korea chuseok festival OC + AS (tbc)
21th – Korea culture and tourism festival in Shanghai
24th – 13th Industrial Gunsan plant festival (tbc)

****The rumor festival is below****

SEPT – broadcast small teaser with new OC material at one of the upcoming participating festivals

SEPT/OCT -OC new album. Kahi and AS promote together with AS boys. AS boys to reveal of their new group name. Son Dambi will release a new album

NOV – AS boys debut – 7 or 8 members

DEC – happy pledis II will be launched + announcement of new AS member/s

JAN – Raina – solo project

FEB – E-young focused/centered project

MAR – AS comeback single before olympics

JUNE – Playgirlz School season 2

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INFO/TBC l AS Boys to be a 7-8 Member group, + Debut details

After School Boys is said to debut this November 2011 as a 7-8 Member Group.
Pledis CEO previously said that AS Boys will not grasp the “Graduating Concept” as opposed to their female counterpart “After School”

they are also said to have a collaboration with After School this September/October before they officially debut.

Netizens commented “I can finally see Dongho Oppa!” “I’m Excited for their Debut” “have been waiting so long! about time! they debut! Oppa!

stay tuned to ELR for more Updates

Sources: Pledisboyz @ Tumblr + 6theory forums
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NEWS/RUMOR l AS Boys to collaborate with Kahi & AS, this September/October

This coming coming months AS Boys are said to collaborate with fellow pledis lable mate Kahi & After School.

September/October – Kahi and After School to promote together with After School Boys. AS boys to reveal of their new and Official Group Name

in the given schedule information.. it is also stated that Pledi will announce the Boy Groups Official Group name

let’s all wait for AS Boys Debut!

Sources: Pledisboyz Tumblr + 6Theory forums
Article + Credits: Iceprinceafterschool @ELR
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[NEWS] Pledis Entertainment to Hold Private Auditions in California

Pledis Entertainment, the label behind stars like Son Dam Bi and After School, has announced that they will be holding auditions this month in cities across California!

Titled “U.S.A. Personal Audition,” Pledis Entertainment officials will be personally visiting applicants that hope to become their next big star for private, 1:1 auditions.

We’ve received so many audition requests from fans in the U.S. every time we held auditions for After School’s ninth member, After School Boys, and even Happy Pledis. The distance made it impossible for them to try out, and we feel grateful for their interest and support, which is why we decided to go to them for 1:1 private auditions,” the casting director for Pledis revealed.

Fans in the L.A. and San Francisco area will be able to submit their applications (in the areas of singing, dancing, acting, and modeling) starting from September 22 to 30 for L.A. and October 1 through 3 for San Francisco.

E-mails detailing name, age, gender, nationality, education, and contact information should be sent to Further information regarding the date and location of your audition will be sent individually to your phone number

Source: Soompi

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