NEWS | AllKPop : After School Boys feature in latest ‘New Balance’ CF

Pledis Entertainment has been teasing us all year long about the impending debut of their new boy group, After School Boys. The boys have been making small appearances here and there as backdancers and rap features for their labelmate seniors, but very little was known as to how many members would be in the group.
It seems the members have been finalized, as seen by After School Boys’ featuring in a new CF for ‘New Balance‘.
After School Boys recently took part in a CF for a new clothing line titled ‘New Me. New Down!’ by ‘New Balance’. As expected, the boys are all handsome and look to be quite young. They also bust out some interesting dance moves midway through the CF before meeting up with senior labelmate,Lizzy.
Check it out below!
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NEWS | "After School Boys" Reveals Their 1st CF with After School Lizzy

Pledis upcoming Boy Group “After School Boys” reveals their brand new CF for “New Balance” New clothing line “New Me. New Down”.
The CF features AS Boys members, Jonghyun, Minki & “Shanghai Boy” together with After School & Orange Caramel member Lizzy.
In the CF, we can see Jonghyun envying the high “Leveled” cool kids with their cool “Jackets” and bumps into a jacket ad. He then buys the jacket and became a high-leveled cool kid instantly. 
At the near end of the CF, Lizzy tries what Jonghyun did in able to became a cool kid herself. 
Netizens commented: “Wow! It’s Jonghyun and Lizzy again!  I last saw them during Bangkok City days.”, “Jonghyun is so cute!”, “Minki dyed his hair? omgee! so hot!” and “I can’t wait for their debut!”
The boys are garnering a lot of interest with left and right cameos on AS and OC’s MVs and are making names already even though they haven’t officially debuted and with no clues on their official group name. 
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[Full CF] ASB members featured in [뉴발란스 New Balance] New Me. New Down. with AS Lizzy

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Some snapshots I made


Who is Jonghyun?

– Jonghyun is the one who featured in the poster for After School Boys audition

– He is the guy who raps in Uie’s first solo song ” Sok Sok Sok”

– He also performed with After School Blue in ” Wonder Boy” performance ( Left-Dongho | Right – Jonghyun )

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INFO | "After School Boys" Member’s Names

After School Boys have been a hot topic again during this past days. With the revelation of some pre-debut photos and news, finally, the list of their names just surfaced out. Check the list from below :

Jung Hwansu
– Kim Jonghyun
– Kang Dongho
– Choi Minki
– Na Youngwon
– Kim Youngkyung
– Yoo Seungho

 They are the “Boys Choir” credited in “Someone is You” in the Happy Pledis album. As of now, we are waiting for any announcement & confirmations from Pledis Entertainment. They are set to debut around November or December in this year. Along with that, would the next step is the revelation of their stage names & their group’s official name? Stay tuned from AfterSchoolBlaze and find out the answer soon. 

INFO | After School Boys Member Kang Dongho

– is a 95-Liner

– July 21, 1995

-17 Years Old (Korean Age)

-16 Years Old (American Age)

– he’s born on the year of the Pig

– he’s Star Sign is Leo

– Starred in After School’s “Play Ur Love” Mv as the Girls Boyfriend

-(Nicknames) Play Ur Love Boy, Eyesmile, Juyeon’s “Namcha Chingu”

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NEWS | AS Boys Collaborated already with AS

Pledis soon to debut Boy Group “After School Boys” (working group name) truns out to have collaborated with their female counterparts “After School” With last years song “Someone Is You”

many assumed that it was “Pledis Boyz” (Old Project Group Name) that’s in the song with after school.

now it has been revealed that it is indeed the after school boys who sang the choir parts. the ones who participated as “The Boys Choir” are Jung Hwansu Kim Jonghyun Kang Dongho Choi Minki Na Youngwon Kim Youngkyung and Yoo Seungho.

Check the Song Cut Below!
After School Boys (애프터스쿨보이즈) – Someone Is You

Netizens praised the boys wonderful vocals and harmony and said: “Ha! I knew it! when i heard the song i knew it was pledis new boy group” “their harmonies are very good! and “How long will I have to wait to hear those beautiful voices?”

Someone Is You is from the “Happy Pledis” Single that and is a Christmas soft song.
during it’s 1st release the song stirred a lot of buzz with the accompaniment of a “Boys Choir” in the song.

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