NEWS | "After School Boys" Reveals Their 1st CF with After School Lizzy

Pledis upcoming Boy Group “After School Boys” reveals their brand new CF for “New Balance” New clothing line “New Me. New Down”.
The CF features AS Boys members, Jonghyun, Minki & “Shanghai Boy” together with After School & Orange Caramel member Lizzy.
In the CF, we can see Jonghyun envying the high “Leveled” cool kids with their cool “Jackets” and bumps into a jacket ad. He then buys the jacket and became a high-leveled cool kid instantly. 
At the near end of the CF, Lizzy tries what Jonghyun did in able to became a cool kid herself. 
Netizens commented: “Wow! It’s Jonghyun and Lizzy again!  I last saw them during Bangkok City days.”, “Jonghyun is so cute!”, “Minki dyed his hair? omgee! so hot!” and “I can’t wait for their debut!”
The boys are garnering a lot of interest with left and right cameos on AS and OC’s MVs and are making names already even though they haven’t officially debuted and with no clues on their official group name. 
Credits : ELITE-REBELS Pledisboyz @Tumblr


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