NEWS | Pledis Boys Showed off Perfect Visuals with a Fantastic Performance

On December 29th with the help of After School, the new group Pledis boys delivered a fun but powerful performance at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun.
Both groups hit the stage displaying intense colors which decorated their outfits and showed off an exciting and intense shuffle dance accompanied by gorgeous physical visuals. Due to this combination viewers were unable to take their eyes away from this impressive debut and caused the performance to draw a lot of attention online.

After watching the groups special stage netizens left comments like, “I thought they were cute…” and “…surprisingly powerful…I enjoyed the short stage” among other hot reactions.
After much preparation Pledis Boys are gearing up to show off the progression of their skills  in their debut album. The group is currently practicing day and night for their upcoming but yet to be released group promotions in 2012.

Credit: Nate + Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

PERFORMANCE | Pledis Boys Made a Very Special Stage on SBS Gayo Daejun

Pledis Boys made a special stage on yesterday’s SBS Gayo Daejun. On the event, Pledis Boys (with 8 members : Baekho, JR, Minhyun, Doyun, Aaron, Ren, Seung Cheol & Yusang) joined After School (Kahi, JungAh, Jooyeon, UEE, Raina, Nana, Lizzy & EYoung) on the stage with the song “Party Rock Anthem”. Perfect colorful look plus fantastic performance made the crowd cheered. 
Check out this video if you haven’t watch their performance on television yesterday; plus, flicks during their performance all-in-all below! :

:: After School & Pledis Boys ::

Check these performance flicks : 

Pledis Boys were also one of the trending topic on twitter last yesterday night. Fans anticipated their performance since it was reported earlier to that time that they will do the “Club Shuffle Dance” with After School on their joint stage. After School’s former member Bekah was also the no. 1 trending topic since it was AS first time to perform in an event like Gayo Daejun without their former main rapper Bekah :
No. 1 – Bekah ; No. 5 – After School ; No. 7 – Pledis Boys
Credit : AfterSchoolBlaze |
Twitter : ASchoolBlaze

NEWS | Pledis Boys to have Special Stage on SBS Gayo Daejun

The seven member group currently known as ‘Pledis Boys’ will present a special stage along with After School at the SBS  Gayo Daejun on December 29th.
Pledis Boys and After School will show off a fun ‘shuffle dance’. This performance according to a representative from Pledis has a “…cold winter nights filled with passion” type of feeling.

This year Pledis Boys participated in the ‘Happy Pledis‘ album promotions along with their Pledis family members After School, Son Dambi and Jung Hyeon. During these promotions Pledis Boys showed off their pure and cute charms. But, for their for special stage they will show off a very colorful and powerful performance.

Due to their small but frequent appearances over the last year expectations over their debut are rising. This is because the idol competition for the new year has already begun with many new groups expected to debut in 2012.
Members from the group stated,“We are pouring out everything we have into recording our album and preparing for our promotions. We will be approaching our fans with music that’s express our unique Pledis Boys personality, and we hope that you guys will continue to love and support us.”

Credit: Chosun  + Paran & Trans: AfterSchoolDaze + quote: AllKPop

NEWS | Pledis Family Warms Hearts with Kindness

Coal is usually considered a gift for “bad” children but on December 27th After School and Pledis Boys put a new spin on this myth by bringing “coal” (briquettes) to low-income families in need.
This holiday season After School along with Pledis Boys and a group of their fans showed their warm hearts by delivering briquettes to families located in the Gaepo-dong area of Kowloon village. The whole day was spent delivering the briquettes to thankful families. Even though it was cold and hard work both After School and Pledis Boys worked diligently even though they are in the middle of promotional activities.

This year After School also collaborated and was involved in UNICEF’s “Sibling Doll” project to help children in need.  The coming year will mark the third consecutive year After School has given a part of their proceeds to charity from their popular “Happy Pledis” album. So it is no surprise they would participate in this act of kindness to ensure families were able to warm their homes this winter season.
After School has promised to to continue their outreach and will participate in volunteer activities with fans on a periodic basis in the future.

Credit: Nate via NaeNae_ena + AsFan – Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

ME2DAY | Baekho Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!

Baekho Me2day update 25.12.11
On 25th of December, Pledis Boys member Baekho updated his Me2day Account greeting everyone a Merry Christmas with a photo of him wearing a costume. 
여러분~모두모두 메리크리스마스!!저희는 오늘 연습실에서 파티했어용~ 즐거운 크리스마스 보내세용!
Everyone~ Merry Christmas to you all! We had a party at practice room today~ Have a nice christmas~
Credit : Baekho’s Me2day 
Translation : aktlrclsrn