ME2DAY | Baekho me2day 11/12/22 Update

방송끝나구 피곤하구 힘들어도 여러분이 올려주신 댓글보고 힘내서 열심히 연습중이에용~~~열심히해서 얼른 좋은모습 보여드릴께요~~ 기대해주세요~~~~^^ 

At 12:00 AM

Translation : “I’m so tired and exhausted after the performance but after reading replies that all of you sent, i gained power and im in midst of practicing now~~ i’ll do my best and show the nice vibe~~ please look forward!”

저는 지금 연습이끝나서 멤버들이랑 수다떨고있어용~ 여러분들은 지금쯤 꿈나라에계시겠죵?ㅠㅠ 좋은꿈꾸시고 내일 한파라는데 옷 따뜻하게 입으시고 감기조심하세요~~ 굳나잇!!!!!!!!!
At 3:00 AM

Translation “Finished practicing and having a chat with the members now~ Everyone must be in dreamland right now, right? Have a nice dream and there’ll be a cold snap coming tomorrow (today) so please wear thick clothes when going out and be careful of cold. Good night!!!” 
Credit translation :!/aktlrclsrn

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