NEWS | Pledis Boys to have Special Stage on SBS Gayo Daejun

The seven member group currently known as ‘Pledis Boys’ will present a special stage along with After School at the SBS  Gayo Daejun on December 29th.
Pledis Boys and After School will show off a fun ‘shuffle dance’. This performance according to a representative from Pledis has a “…cold winter nights filled with passion” type of feeling.

This year Pledis Boys participated in the ‘Happy Pledis‘ album promotions along with their Pledis family members After School, Son Dambi and Jung Hyeon. During these promotions Pledis Boys showed off their pure and cute charms. But, for their for special stage they will show off a very colorful and powerful performance.

Due to their small but frequent appearances over the last year expectations over their debut are rising. This is because the idol competition for the new year has already begun with many new groups expected to debut in 2012.
Members from the group stated,“We are pouring out everything we have into recording our album and preparing for our promotions. We will be approaching our fans with music that’s express our unique Pledis Boys personality, and we hope that you guys will continue to love and support us.”

Credit: Chosun  + Paran & Trans: AfterSchoolDaze + quote: AllKPop


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