NEWS | Pledis Family Warms Hearts with Kindness

Coal is usually considered a gift for “bad” children but on December 27th After School and Pledis Boys put a new spin on this myth by bringing “coal” (briquettes) to low-income families in need.
This holiday season After School along with Pledis Boys and a group of their fans showed their warm hearts by delivering briquettes to families located in the Gaepo-dong area of Kowloon village. The whole day was spent delivering the briquettes to thankful families. Even though it was cold and hard work both After School and Pledis Boys worked diligently even though they are in the middle of promotional activities.

This year After School also collaborated and was involved in UNICEF’s “Sibling Doll” project to help children in need.  The coming year will mark the third consecutive year After School has given a part of their proceeds to charity from their popular “Happy Pledis” album. So it is no surprise they would participate in this act of kindness to ensure families were able to warm their homes this winter season.
After School has promised to to continue their outreach and will participate in volunteer activities with fans on a periodic basis in the future.

Credit: Nate via NaeNae_ena + AsFan – Trans: AfterSchoolDaze

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