NEWS | After School’s U-ie Talked About Nu’Est

After School member U-ie was cheering for Nu’Est, under same agency Pledis Entertainment.
On January 27th, Uie tweeted, “I wanna shout this at Mubank ‘The cool NU’EST~Please come out!!!^^’ quickly!!^^ Please give a lot of interest to our ‘NU’EST’!!^^ NU’EST Hwaiting!!!!!!^^☆” Following with another tweet : “Pledis’ 1st Boygroup, rookie NU’EST whose gets cool more and more!!!!!!!! Not much time left until that moment come!!!^^ The NU’EST is really working hard practicing for their debut stage, and im so proud of it*^^* I keeps smilling like a mom because of i’ve been watching the kids since they’re trainees~*^^*”.

Netizens tweeted U-ie back such as, “New East fighting! U-ie is watching”, “New East wins After School Uie!”. Great fans also cheered U-ie.

Rough Translation by aschoolblaze 
Original Article by newsen
U-ie’s Translated tweets by thenuest

ME2DAY | Baekho Me2day Update — 24th of January 2012


JAN 2012

최대의 명절 설날! 잘보내셨어용~? ^^ 심심하실까봐 만두사진 한장 더ㅋㅎ 모두 모두 운전 조심해서 올라오세용~~ 아..! 저처럼 운전을 하지 못하시는 분들은 운전하시는 엄마 아빠에게 얘기해주는 센스! 아시죵? ^^ 오후 1시 57분
TRANS : the lunar new year holiday~ did you spend it well? I upload another photo during making a dumplings in case you all are bored ㅋ Everyone!Drive (the car) carefully! to those who can’t drive like me, tell your mom or dad to be careful while driving! Got it?^^

Translation Credit : thenuest
Photo Source : Baekho’s me2day

ME2DAY | Nu’Est Enjoying the Holiday


JAN 2012

여러분 새해복 많이 받으세요^^ 2시간전
TRANS : Everyone, Happy new year^^

즐거운 설날~~떡국 맛있게드셨죠~~?저희도 맛있게 잘먹었습니다~~ 명절 재미있고 행복하게 보내시구 저희 뉴이스트도 즐거운 명절 보내구 올께요~~^^ 3시간전
TRANS : Enjoyable lunar new year~ Have you eaten rice cake soup? We ate it well~~ Please spend the holiday enjoyfully and happily, NU’EST will enjoying the holiday~~^^

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Translation Credit : thenuest

RANDOM | After School & Nu’Est – Counterparts

Here is a fan-edited photo which shows us After School & new boy group NU’EST counterparts. From the first generation, started with 5 members : 

Kahi & JR – Powerful & Charismatic Leaders
JR has a powerful charisma behind a pure innocent charm.
Jung Ah & Baekho – Sexy Vocalists
Baekho is sexy, masculine and very loyal.
Jooyeon & Min Hyun – Intellectual Ulzzangs
Minhyun is a conservative man with sharp and intellectual charm.
Bekah & Aaron – American Romantics 
The romantic guy, ladies’ lover. Aaron knows how to 
handle his smooth and natural charm.
Soo Young and Ren – Cute Charmers 
Ren is an unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm.

ME2DAY | Nu’Est Greets their Fans a Happy New Year!


JAN 2012

팬여러분들~~오늘 우리 뉴이스트맴버들과 만두를 만들어봤어요~~^^새해복 많이받으시구 항상 건강하시고 아프지마세요~~ㅜㅜ 제마음도 너무아프자나요…그럼 우리 뉴이스트 항상사랑해주시고요~~다음에 좋은 모습으로 찾아뵐게요~~^^ 16시간전
TRANS : Fans~ Today, the NU’EST member made Mandu~ Happy new year, Always be healthy and don’t be sickㅠIf you sick, my heart hurts too ㅜ And please always give a lots of love to NU’ EST~~ We’ll come out with good vibe~^^

Translation Credit : thenuest

PLEDIS | NUEST on Fancafe!

This is Pledis fanclub manager.
Welcome to everyone who visit new group; *뉴이스트(NU’EST)* fancafe!
*뉴이스트(NU’EST)* is Urban Electro Band which stand for
 NU(New), E (Establish),S (Style), T(Tempo)
*‘Estabilishing a new style of music’*.
On this site, 뉴이스트(NU’EST) Agency, PLEDIS will personally giving updates of
뉴이스트(NU’EST) and We’ll accurately and quickly update the news of 뉴이스트(NU’EST) in this fancafe.
*뉴이스트 Official fancafe*
Portal site DAUM*
*We’ll only update news on this site
To those who signed up, before using the free-board, please go to the notice board first.
Please give a lot of love and interest to the most HOT rookies on 2012 뉴이스트(NU’EST)
Thank You.

Translation Credit : thenuest

ME2DAY | Nu’Est’s Baekho introduced himself!


JAN 2012

안녕하세요~ 뉴이스트 백호입니다~~~^^저희 오늘 팀명 공개되써용~~~이제 뉴이스트 백호라 불러주세요오!!ㅎㅎ 참참 팬카페도 오픈했는뎅! 다들 가입해주실꺼죠? 저희는 벌써 가입했어요~~에용! 얼른얼른놀러오세요o(^▽^)o 오후 12시 21분
TRANS : Hello~ This is NU’ EST’s Baekho~ We has been released the team-name~ Now please call me as NU EST’s Baekho!! And fancafe has been opened! We are already signed up~ please come to quickly.

Translation Credit : thenuest

ME2DAY | Baekho’s picture Parade with Pledis Boys!


JAN 2012

저희 소원빌었어요~ 얼른대뷔해서 여러분 빨리 만나고시퍼요 ㅠㅠ 항상하는얘기지만 좀만기다려주세요~ 저희 열심히준비 하고있으니까 기대많이해주세요오오오오오~~~~^^오후 3시 46분
TRANS : We made a wish~ We want to debut quickly so we can meet you allㅠAlthough I always say this, Please wait for a little bit~ We’ve been working hard for preparing so please look forward~~~
NU’EST Leader JR & Lead Vocal Baekho.

이제 거의다왔어요~~힘내면서!!!아자아자 화이팅!!!!!!!!!!! 오후 1시 55분
TRANS : Now we almost arrived~ Cheer up!!~ Aja Aja

오래전애찍었는뎅 ㅠㅠ 여기 3 g가 잘 안토져용 ㅠㅠ 미안해요…ㅠㅠ 여기 너무 추워요~ 여러분 겨울에 등산은 따뜻하게 입고요….. ㅠㅠ 오후 1시 45분
TRANS : I took this a while agoㅜ 3G doesnt work properly hereㅜsorryㅜ its so cold here~ everyone dress warmly if you go to hiking on winter

렌과함께 아이스미끄럼틀탔어요^^엉덩이가 좀 차갑긴하지만~~너무재밌어용~~ㅎㅎ오후 12시 10분
TRANS : Sliding on the ice with Ren~ my hip is a bit cold but it’s really fun
Baekho & Ren sliding.

등산 시작!! ~~ 여러분 고고씽~~~~!!^^ 오전 11시 49분
TRANS : Hiking start~~!! Everyone Go Go Ssing~~~!!
Baekho on their Hiking!