NEWS l Top 5 New Idol Groups to Rock 2012 ("The Male Version of After School: Pledis Boys")

There is already a huge wave of interest and anticipation for Pledis Boys, which is the male version of After School. The exact name and headcount of the group is not yet known but they will debut sometime in February. They have already shown their faces through the “2011 Happy Pledis” project last month.

Pledis Entertainment states, “Their skills are a given and we believe that their visuals are the best among all the groups so far.” Even during their trainee days, fans would gather around the Pledis building to catch a glimpse of the boys. Pledis Boys also showed off their dance skills at the “SBS Gayo Daejun” by doing the “shuffle dance” last month.

Source: Soompi

Credits + Shared: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels


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