JAN 2012

연습하러가려그러는데 너무 추워요~ㅠㅠ 여러분 감기조심하세용!! PM 02:09

I was going to practice but it’s too cold~T_T Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold


JAN 2012

오늘 안무연습하는데 너무재밌어요~~~빨리 팬여러분께 좋은모습 보여드리고 싶어요~~^^더 멋진 백호가 될태니 조금만기다려 주세용~~기다려주실꺼죠?약속~~~♥ PM 09:32
  today i had dance practice and had a lot of fun~~ i want to show fans a cool vibe soon~~^^ please wait a little more for the cooler baekho~~ you guys will wait( for me) right? promise~~<3

감사합니다..ㅠㅠ 힘낼게요이번주 일요일 15분간격으로 사진퍼레이드 할까해요 ~~~^^ 등산가는데 제가 대신 해서 사진실시간으로 올리면서 경치 구경시켜드릴게요^^ PM 09:37
Thank youㅠ I’ll cheer up. I’ll do a pictures parade this sunday at intervals of 15 minutes~ I’m going to hiking, and will show you up the scenery and upload that

Credit : @ASchoolBlaze  +  @



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