OFFICIAL | NU’EST member’s profile

“The first boy group of Pledis leading the trend with creation of new and stylish music!
 The name of urban electro band ‘NU’EST’ stands for NU(New), Establish, Style and Tempo,
 meaning ‘creation of new music corresponding to new style’ in full. They made their first appearance in media through music video of their mentors, and they are now expressing their talent in various ways such as performing in numerous music broadcasting stages including their participation for 2012 HAPPY PLEDIS project album. In an era with abundance idols, NU’EST has made their unique mark with their distinct color and style, representing the ‘new style icon’

Name: Ren 
Date of Birth:3rd November 1995
Weight :-56kg 

An unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm 

신비로운 중성적 매력 속에 엉뚱함이 가미된 큐트보이

he’s reportedly the mischievous mood maker of the group.
Name : JR (Junior Royal) |NU’EST’s leader.
 Date of Birth :8th June 1995
Weight: 58kg

A powerful charisma behind a pure innocent boy
강렬한 카리스마 속에 감춰진 순수 미소 소년
He’s the first male trainee of Pledis and known for amazing dancing skill 
and as a skillful rapper. JR’s highly respected, he also trains other trainees as well.
He made a TV appearance on KBS “Hello” with Baekho.
Rapped in Uie’s first digital single “Sok Sok Sok”
JR also appeared in After School Blue’s Wonder Boy MV and performances.

Name: Baekho (Lead Vocal)
Date of Birth :21st July 1995
Weight: 63kg 
Sexy and masculine with true loyalty
섹시한 남성미가 넘치는 진정한 의리파
Name: MinHyun 
Date of Birth: 9th August 1995
Weight: 65kg.
Conservative man with sharp and intellectual charm
샤프함이 묻어나는 지적인 바른 생활 사나이
He has a high height so that he’s capable of both singing, modelling and more.
Minhyun is the male actor that featured in Orange Caramel “Shanghai Romance” MV

Name: Aron
Date of Birth: 21th May 1993

The romantic guy, ladies’ lover, Aron knows how to handle his smooth and natural charm.
부드럽고 내추럴한 매력으로 여심 사로잡는 로맨틱 가이
Aron was casted immediately at “PLEDIS USA Personal Auditions‘ after captivating judges with his unique vocals.


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