RANDOM | After School & Nu’Est – Counterparts

Here is a fan-edited photo which shows us After School & new boy group NU’EST counterparts. From the first generation, started with 5 members : 

Kahi & JR – Powerful & Charismatic Leaders
JR has a powerful charisma behind a pure innocent charm.
Jung Ah & Baekho – Sexy Vocalists
Baekho is sexy, masculine and very loyal.
Jooyeon & Min Hyun – Intellectual Ulzzangs
Minhyun is a conservative man with sharp and intellectual charm.
Bekah & Aaron – American Romantics 
The romantic guy, ladies’ lover. Aaron knows how to 
handle his smooth and natural charm.
Soo Young and Ren – Cute Charmers 
Ren is an unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm.

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