NEWS | After School’s U-ie Talked About Nu’Est

After School member U-ie was cheering for Nu’Est, under same agency Pledis Entertainment.
On January 27th, Uie tweeted, “I wanna shout this at Mubank ‘The cool NU’EST~Please come out!!!^^’ quickly!!^^ Please give a lot of interest to our ‘NU’EST’!!^^ NU’EST Hwaiting!!!!!!^^☆” Following with another tweet : “Pledis’ 1st Boygroup, rookie NU’EST whose gets cool more and more!!!!!!!! Not much time left until that moment come!!!^^ The NU’EST is really working hard practicing for their debut stage, and im so proud of it*^^* I keeps smilling like a mom because of i’ve been watching the kids since they’re trainees~*^^*”.

Netizens tweeted U-ie back such as, “New East fighting! U-ie is watching”, “New East wins After School Uie!”. Great fans also cheered U-ie.

Rough Translation by aschoolblaze 
Original Article by newsen
U-ie’s Translated tweets by thenuest

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