[Engtrans] Daumcafe Ren’s fanchat


[REN]Hello This is Ren
It’s nice to meet you^^
Thank you^^~

[FAN]Minki-ya what’s your ideal type?
[REN]My ideal type?ㅎㅎ It’s secret

[REN]Be mine
Everyone, Be mineㅋㅋㅋ

[REN]I am Ren

[REN]Thank youㅎㅎ

[FAN]Minki-ya what’s your blood type?
[REN]I’m blood type O

[REN]I don’t have younger sibling

[FAN]Please remember ‘Kim Hyemin’

[FAN]Minki-ya try to say ‘Noona’

[REN]Ppuing Ppuing~

[FAN]Yesuli miss you
[REN]i miss you too

[REN]I’m going to watch movie with our fans tomorrow~^^
I’m really look forward for itㅎㅎThe Seoul (Fanmeeting) was fun ㅎ
I will hug you tight ㅎ

[FAN]Do you like cracker/biscuit?
[REN]I like cracker/biscuit ㅎ

[REN]You should come tomorrowㅋㅋI’ll hug you tightlyㅋㅋ

[REN]I love you all too

[FAN]Do you like tall girls or short girls?
[REN]I like both

[REN]Hope NU’EST will be 대박 (Popular)

[REN]After School noonas is the best ㅎㅎ

[FAN]Will you give a hug to a male fans
[REN]Male fans please comeㅋㅋ
I’ll hug the male fans too

[REN]I’ve eaten, i was in midst of practicing

[REN]Everyone what are you doing?

[FAN]Ren oppa do you like pomegranate?
[REN]Pretty girl like a pomegranate

[FAN]Oppa do you like the color, Olive?
[REN]I like oliveㅎㅎ

[REN]I read (The chatting) one by one carefullyㅎㅎ

[REN]I like you all

[REN]i love you

[REN]Please always give is support, we’ll appear in front of you all soon Doodoong

[FAN]Who’s your role model?
[REN]Dambi noona. i really like her

[FAN]What about noona?
[REN]I like noona, of course.

[FAN]Younger girl????
[REN]I really like all ㅋㅋ

[REN]Yes i’ll hug you tightly

[REN]Hello? I really like CEO ㅋㅋ (pledisboss)

[REN]The gift that i want to receive is everyone’s hearts..ㅎㅎ

[FAN]Bring my heart with you
[REN]I’ll bring it

[FAN]Oppa my heart
[REN]Give it to me

[REN]i love you too

[REN]My ideal type is person that suit me well

[FAN]Please block the person that write with big font. It must be an International fans
[REN]Please don’t

[FAN]I miss you
[REN]I miss you too

[REN]Ppuing Ppuing

[REN]Sawadeekap (Hello in thai)

[REN]Dambi noona hwaiting

[FAN]Today is noona’s birthday
[REN]Happy birthday! ^_^

[REN]When our activities start, we’ll going to meet fans from other cities often,so please don’t be sad

[FAN]Can a male fans love you too
[REN]I like a male fans too

[REN]Please only give me a loveㅋㅋㅋ

[REN]NU’EST Daebak

[REN]I like noona too ㅋㅋ

[REN]We’re practicing really hard as you waiting for us. We are scheduled to debut on March so please look forward

[REN]I wanna meet you quicklyㅋㅋ

[REN]Please come when we do our debut stage

[REN]Dad, please say something
My dad is here (on chatting room)
Dad i love youㅋㅋ

[REN]I will go now, i need to practice

[REN]NU’EST Daebak Dambi Noona Daebak After School Noona daebak!!

[REN]Bye Bye ㅇㅇㅇ

[REN]Let’s meet tomorrow

[REN]Bye Bye Ppuing Ppuing

Everyone, wait!
Ren’s father is here, please greet him.
You know that you should keep your manners right, everyone?

Not much time until NU’EST debut, The members are practicing really hard.

And after debut! We’ll held an event for fanclub name! Please prepare your idea~

Credit: thenuest 
There are some rules if you want to join the  chatting event…
– dont repeat your chats! The members will definitely read every of them. If you guys do it, it will be too fast and they wont be able to see anything! 
– dont change your text style! Colour and text size must be remain as when you enter the chatroom. No change please!

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