ME2DAY | Baekho Shared Lizzy’s Photos with Other Nuest Members


FEB 2012

발렌타인데이!!!!!!오늘 처음으로 팬여러분들 봐서 진짜진짜 좋았어요~~ 오늘 못오신분들도 부산! 광주! 에서 만나용~~ 진짜 오늘 기분 좋아요^^ 요즘 사진을 너무 안올렸죠 ? ㅠㅠ 오늘은 팬여러분들 만난 기념으로 귀요미3종세트(?) 선물로 드릴께요~뿅★o(^▽^)o
TRANS : Valentine Day!!!!!It was really nice, because it’s the first time meeting the fans~~To those who can’t come, see you at Busan! Gwangju!~~ I’m really happy today ^^It’s been a while since i upload the photo right ? ㅠㅠ A 3-set(?) of cute photos for celebrating our first meeting with fans(?)I’ll give you this as present~ Bbyong★o(^▽^)o

Source : Baekho’s Me2day
Trans. Credit : thenuest

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