Engtrans | Baekho’s Daum cafe fanchat 120211

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(1) Hello~~
(2) It’s so fast T_T (there were too much fan’s comments)
(3)Do you know we will debut in March?^^
(4)I want to do (the fanchatting) for a long time today but I’m in middle of practicing title song so I cannot T_T
(5)Can’t you guys just listen to me a litlle bit? keke
(6)Other oppas (members) don’t come out (today)T_T~~ Since we do (the fanchatting) every Saturday so please anticipate it
(7)Title song… still can’t be revealed yet… but please wait for it!!!
(8)You guys will come to support us/me when we debut right?
(9) I will tell Ren about that. (since there were quite many fans asked Baekho to send their greetings to the other members)
(10) Thank you my lovely fans for always support me. And I’m even more thankful that you guys have looked for me ( in the daum cafe)!!! please support me!! A lot!! Support me a lot!! I will also prepare/practice hard too!!
(11)It’s so fast
(12) I have to go to practice nowT_T_T_T_TEven though I miss you guys…
(13) I’ll also tell to After School noonas as well!~
(14) Goodbye~

Credit ; Korean version : ppangssang
English translation: AfterSchoolBlaze.co.cc – @AschoolBlaze

Part 2

120211[Trans Baekho in Cafe’s Chatting Room]

1.Even the Title song hasn’t released yet but please support us.
2.Will you come to cheer us when we debut?
3.Recieve the File ( Nu’est promotional items)
5.I’m Sorry.
6.Did you all recieve the File?
7.I also study in the Coeducational school
8.Will you come to watch the movie with us on February,14 The Valentine’s day ?
9.Thailand..Hongkong..Overseas fan, Thank you for your support.
10.I’ll prepare a great fanservice for sure
11.I also want to have it. I don’t have the File(L Holder) yet.
12-13.(He discontinue the text when he type) L Holder…Umm..It’s our promote goods.
14.Ideal type?
15.Nuna(Elder sister) (Screaming for Who’s older than him ><')
16.Hyung(Elder Brother) too.
17.Me too.
18.I love you too.
21.Ah Shouting ….
22.Argh !!!!!
23.The movies are for 12-year-old or older audience.It’s a secret.
24.Please love me too.Why only for Ren..
25.Aron is not here !!
26.It’s very fast TT TT TT TT
27.Our remaining time…? TT 2 minutes.
29.I’ll make everyone mine !
30.Also to the men, I’ll make you mine !~
31.I’ll tell Aron Hyung.
32.Please wait for our works.
33.I have no more time!!
34.Hurry up and tell me what you want to tell.
35.We will perform a cool performance for you.We will always practice and work hard.Please come to our Facebook and Fancafe a lot.
36.I’m seriously reading.(저항상 눈팅 하고있어요!!!! 눈팅 is a slang which means Only reading,not replying.) (like stalking??)
37.I’m AB Blood type.
38.I have to go for practice now.
39.We’ll requite you all with our great image.
40.Coming soon (He type an English word in Hangul)
41.Thanks to our lovely fans that always support us.We’ll be more hurry to meet everyone than now!!!! Please cheer for us!! I;ll seriously!! Please cheer for us hard too!We’ll also concentrate on practicing too!
42.I’ll tell Len for you.
43.Also to After School Nuna too.I’ll tell them for you.

Then he left the conversation.I entered the chat at 20.04 so i’m not sure if he was chatting before this or not.I only translate the text I saw at first. 🙂

Thai Trans by:chevalerie via PledisBoysTh
Eng Trans by: @Oanii_Z

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