Engtrans | Aron’s Daum cafe fanchat 120302

[MANAGER] Hello This is NU’EST Manager.
Because Aron still can’t type hangul well, I’ll help him to type .Please understand this.

[ARON]Everyone probably will be busy start from next week~!

[ARON] I’ll go to Ulsan

[ARON] I’ll go to Busan too

[ARON] I’ll go to your heart too

[ARON]I’ll take a lot of Selcas and upload it

[ARON] Please promote fancafe to your friends

[ARON]I was born and raised in LA!

[ARON]Maybe I’ll get to see you guys when I come back home!

[ARON]I like blue

[STAFF] Our members doesnt have twitters. Beware of fake accounts

[ARON]I’ll practice typing hangul

[ARON]I like Anthony Hamilton!

[STAFF] Aron speak korean well!

[ARON] My shoe size is 260

[ARON] I like (pork) skin

[ARON] no, i love you

[FAN]Do you like girls with tiny eyes or big eyes
[ARON]I like all fans who has a clear eyes

[ARON]Meat as a present,Ok

[FAN]How about daughter of pizza restaurant? Do you dislike..
[ARON]I really like daughter of pizza restaurant owner

[FAN]Let’s go to eat duck
[ARON]I love duck

[ARON]I love pork skin

[ARON]I love lamb

[ARON]I really love beef

[ARON]I like all

[FAN] What’s your blood type
[ARON]I’m blood type A

[ARON]I like Orange Caramel sunbaenims

[ARON]I like you too

[ARON]I like all people here (In chatting room)

[ARON]First kiss..

[ARON]Please make a name for fanclub

[STAFF] Aron is thinking right now..About fanclub name

[ARON]I remember you

[FAN]Where are the other members
[STAFF] Other members are practicing right now

[ARON]Everyone please think of a name for our fanclub!

[STAFF]Teaser is Coming Soon

[FAN]I want to see the teaser
[ARON]I want to see it too

[STAFF]The debut is coming

[ARON]I like male fans too

[ARON]And i type faster than Minhyun

[ARON]There’s no problem with girls who has double-eyelid or single-eyelid

[ARON]I’ll receive it

[ARON]Our Ren is kinda cute

[ARON] Hello! Hehe

[ARON]Thanks for the support everyone! We appreciate it. ❤

[ARON] Hola~
Mi llamo es Aron

[FAN]Oppa take responsibility of my knees
[ARON]Is your knees hurt? My heart is hurting more

[ARON]Wow, thanks for all the international support! I’m surprised we have so many international fans! 😀

[ARON] Please continue to support us

[ARON]I don’t use perfume.. Please recommend me!

[ARON] Ppuing Ppuing~

[ARON]I love you

[ARON]I love you too!

[ARON]It’s so fast
I can’t write.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[FAN] Oppa do you like sweet things?
[ARON]All members like Choco Cookie

[ARON]Let’s meet soon!!

[ARON]i really like Jjangu (Comic Character)
Ulla Ulla~

[ARON]I’ll show you the pelvic-dance
Just wait!!!
Get prepared, you will get nosebleed
The pelvic will be a big hit~~~~

[STAFF] Aronie is relaxing his waist

[ARON] We’re going to be debuting soon so please anticipate our debut stage! 🙂
The choreography
You will get nosebleed

[ARON] Our fans, It’s okay if you don’t learn english. I’ll learn korean

[ARON]I’m doing my best

[ARON]If you don’t come to debut stage you’ll regret it

[ARON]We are working really hard!!

[ARON]If you come to debut stage, we will prepare an event

[ARON]Thailand fans, hello?

[ARON]Please let me know Aegyo

[FAN] Aron oppa hug me pleaseㅠㅠ
[ARON]Come here, i’ll hug you

[FAN]I’m going, where are you
[ARON]In your heart

[MANAGER]Thank you

[ARON]I’ll do backhug..

[STAFF]Our Aron is attractive right!!

[ARON]We’ll be debuting soon..

[ARON]I need to go to practice now
Because i need to show good vibe to fans

[ARON]Please buy me meat after debut stage ended

[MANAGER]Now Aron will write in english.ㅎㅎㅎ

[STAFF]we’ll update NU★PAPA today

[ARON]Thanks for coming out tonight everyone! I really appreciate all the love and support.
I’ll definitely make time to see each and every one of you so continue to support and love NU’EST! 🙂

[ARON]I love you~
Please give a lot of support to NU’EST!!
I’m going now~~~Bye!!!!!!!!!!

[STAFF]The teaser will come out soon!
you’ll like it~
I watched it~~

Credit : thenuest 


You can download the Korean full version of the fanchat here


Credit : @NuestSpain 


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