NEWS l NU’EST Reveals Individual Video Teaser for member Baek Ho

After releasing a teaser video for their title song “FACE” from their first single album on March 3. NU’EST is back with it’s newest video teaser featuring member Baek Ho


in the teaser we can see Baek Ho in a Kendo uniform and is performing The “Way of The Sword”. the teaser also reveals snippets of the “Dub-Step” Genre that is the group’s music concept.

Pledis commented, “In this second teaser, fans were astonished and fascinated by Baek-ho’s musculine & sexy charisma from his powerful kendo skills.”

Check the Teaser Below!

NU’EST is planning to release more teaser videos for each member until March 12 and will debut on March 15 with FACE.

Editorial: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels
Take Out With Full Credits


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