INTERVIEW | NUEST : “We were really nervous when we first saw Son Dambi and Uie”

Leader JR, “My name JR stands for‘Junior Royal’. My performance and dance is my charm, When people see me dancing, they said i have a charisma and good atmosphere , And this name is really choosed well (Laugh)”.

Ren, “My name Ren means‘Lotus’in Japanese. I hope my career on entertainment industry can bloom just like a clean and bright lotus”

Baekho, “After School U-ie noona gave me the name. When she first saw me, She said i have a strong and charismatic image just like comic ‘Slamdunk’ character, “Kang Baekho”.”

“When it’s our first time went to (Pledis) office, we saw Son Dambi noona. Because it’s summer, all members were eating Patbing-soo, When we saw Dambi noona, we can’t even swallow the Patbing-soo. It’s the first time we see a celebrity.”

“We first saw U-ie noona on Winter. U-ie noona came to our practice room back then. It was snowing that day, and the floor became slippery. we’re so nervous that when we greet her we even tripped. It was an embarassing moments.(Laugh)”

“(After School and Son Dambi) give us a lot of advices. We even performed on same stage before, They give advices like ‘You need to see the camera’and ‘This angle is good’. Not long ago, when we had jacket photoshoot, despite of a drama shooting, Son Dambi noona came and brought a cake for us.”

“We are kinda burdened and yet feel responsible with the name ‘After School Boys’. I feel that we need to do our best to not harm After School’s sunbaenims name.”

“Last year, Shuffle dance was really famous, This year i hope dubstep will be popular through our song. When people listening to our song , i really want to hear ‘It’s NU’EST Style’ from them.”

Source : TVDaily
Translated By : thenuest
Shared By : PledisBlaze

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