[PROJECT] NU’EST Debut Stage 2012.03.15

As you know, Nu’est, the first boy band of Pledis Entertainment will make their debut on this March 15th on M!Countdown!

In order to support the debut stage of NU’EST , NU’EST Chile has organized a “Mini Global Project” with fanbases around the world:  @NUESTSPAIN [Spain] , @NUESTSPANISH [Spain] , @NUEST_TH [Thailand], @NUEST_PERU [Peru] , @NUEST_FRANCE [France], @PLEDISBOYSIFC [Indonesia] , @NESTHAEYO [International] and @NUESTBRAZIL [Brazil]

Support Nu’est’s debut stage with the tag: #NUESTdebut on Twitter and we will make it a worldwide TREND

This tag  #NUESTDebut should only be trended or mentioned about on 15th! (or else Twitter will block the tag )
So, don’t miss this and let show the world Nu’est power!

Notice : Each country has different time zone, each fanbase is RESPONSIBLE for informing the the trending time properly. NU’EST debut on  M! Countdown will take place on thursday ( March 15th) at 6:00 PM KST (KOREAN HOUR ). Please search for your country time at http://www.diferenciahoraria.info/ in order not to make any mistake ^^

If you have any question, please mention  NU’EST Chile ★.


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