SCANS | Things that Pledis Boys Members Treasured the Most + What’s in Member’s iPod


1. <BOOK> I don’t really want to be an adult quickly, because i want to be a nice adult, i read this book.

2. Headphone that i use when i’m sleeping

3. <Japanese book> I started learning Japanese. In the future, if we’re going to have a concert in japan, i’ll use phrase that i’m learning from this book

4. <L-HOLDER> NU’EST 1st promotion event.

5. Body lotion

6. When i have dry throat or hoarse voice after vocal practice, i spray this

7. Handphone

8. Pencil case

9. Purse


1. <AS Japanese magz> My favorite, After School noonas became a japanese magazine model

2.<JAPANESE BOOK> I’m learning japanese

3. <2012 Happy Pledis CD + AS sign> 2012 Pledis Family’s Album. I’ll treasure this forever

4. i-Phone

5. Blueberry tea


1. <Beanie> When i have a bad hairstyle, or when it’s really cold on winter, i use this.

2. This book really help me to study about acting.

3. My mother like Park Wonsoo fiction book, so i start reading this too

4. <THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE DVD> Because i have a huge interest on clothes, i watch this film a lot

5. my secret bankbook

6. My important purse


1. iPhone Charger

2. <Mouse Pad designed by Bekah> Souvenir i received from After School noonas 2nd Fanmeeting

3. Vegetable Juice

4. Protein powder

5. <Playgirlz Japanese book> After School noonas’ book <Playgirlz> They’re really popular in Japan


1. <Polaroid photo> The photo i took with my friends in LA. I miss them

2. My hair comb.

3. After dance practice, i’m sweating. so i need to take a shower right? It’ll be okay if i have this handbag

4. Fresh deodorant i use after showering

5. <Lavender hand cream> Handcream. The scent is really good

6. To those who use contact lense, this is a must item

7. Pencil case


1. <DVD> I like <Sound Of Music> movie recently

2. After dance training, and when i’m sweating, and i need to change my t-shirt, so i carry the t-shirt around

3. My favorite dr.dre headphone

4. I really like watching cool videos. I received this iPad as a present

5. <Listerine Moutwash>

6. Cocoa Butter Hand and Body lotion

7. lipbalm

8. Face spray

9. Pencil case


1. <Notebook> Rap note

2. <Japanese Book>

3. <DVD> Musical A Chrous Line and Every Little Step.

4. Baby lotion

5. Caltrate

6. <Yellow Angry Birds Pencil Case>


1. Notebook i use to write a song lyrics

2. Passport

3. I like baseball so i carry a glove

4. Facemask

5. Hotpad

6. Snack

7. Portabel speaker

Source : Pledis Boys Magazine
Scanned By : CrispyFantasy 
Translated By : thenuest

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