A little of fanaccount

Fan’s talk with the members


Fan: Hello

Minhyun: yes Hello~ What’s your name?
Fan: Please write Ikryong

Minhyun: Ik yong? Ik ung??
Fan: It’s Ikryong! RRrrr sound!

Minhyun: yes…

Then I turned to talk to the fan manager unnie.

Fan: Can you have your own fansign event too?

Fan-manager: Uh?? kekekeke I can’t

Looking at Minhyun again, I saw that he was writting ” Ik- yy…”

So he had to change the paper and re-wrote it again…


Fan: Hello~
JR: yes hello!
Fan: Ah JR oppa~

JR: yes… yes??!

(it seems like he hasn’t been used to talking while signing )

Fan: I really oppa!keke

JR:  keke thank you!


Baekho: Hello~

Fan: Hi

Please give us Nu’est a lot of love and support &*(&*^*( blah blah blah . You will like us a lot, won’t you?
Fan: Yes! I really like

Baekho: Ah kekeke! Thank you!

(And then he wrote “thank you” on the sign paper, even draw a heart besides it)

Fan: ~ thank you kekeke~

Baekho: kekekeke

*the mood turned awkward*

Fan: You are really handsome.

Baekho: Ah kekekeke Thank you~

After giving fans sign, it’s the talk time when fans could ask the members questions.

Fans played rock-paper-scissors with JR and took polaroid with the members

And photo time started!



Credit: la la la land 

Bad translation: PledisBlaze

Fantaken flicks | Nu’est melon fansign event


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