Charismatic JR

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 8th June 1995
Height : 178cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : 초록이 [Greeny]
Hobbies : Reading comics book, Making toys
My keyword : Japanese subway

Power Vocal Baekho

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 21th July 1995
Height : 179cm
Blood type : AB
Nickname : Baby tiger, Kang Baekho
Hobbies : Playing a game, Komdo
My keyword : Baekho

Stylish Guy Ren

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 3rd November 1995
Height : 178cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : Choi Ren
Hobbies : Watching a movie, Listening a music
My keyword : Style, Blonde

Straight and Narrow man Minhyun

Age : 16
Date of Birth : 9th August 1995
Height : 181cm
Blood type : O
Nickname : Shanghai Boy
Hobbies : Watching a Movie, Listening to music and Singing
My keyword : Shanghai Romance

Smart Guy Aron

Age : 18
Date of Birth : 21th May 1993
Height : 176cm
Blood type : A
Nickname : Choding [Elementary Kid]
Hobbies : Golf
My keyword : Progressing

[Interview] NU’EST Fresh Interview

Q. Hello.NU’EST members, Congratulation for your debut with the Single [FACE]!
Hello. We’re Urban Electro Band NU’EST. Yes~Thank you for congratulating 뉴이스트(NU’EST)’s 1st debut. Finally! We, 뉴이스트(NU’EST)가 can present you our debut album [FACE]. Eventhough we’re so nervous, and fluttered, We’re happy that we can meet our fans^^ We’ll show up NU’EST perfect performance in the future, so please look forward and give us a  lot of love^^

Q. You have the nickname, “After School Boys”! We’re curious which After School noonas that treat you well the most.
The noonas treat us well just like a blood-related little brother, They often come to our practice room and bought us a delicious food. They also give us an advice.^^
Baekho  U-ie noona personally give me the name ‘Baekho’, and She always support us.
Ren Because me and Lizzy noona came from Busan, So she treat me well. She also came to MV filming site with Raina and Nana noona to support us.
JR  Not only After School Noonas, Dambi Noona also treat us well , Despite her tight schedules, she came to our jacket photoshoot shite and bought us delicious food, She told us to cheer up and give us a support.

Q. We’re curious how NU’EST member’s Casting story. How did you casted?
Minhyun  My dream since i was young is to be a singer, When i was walking to school, I get casted and i can reach my dream now.
Ren  Since I was young, i really want to be a singer. It was raining when i came to Seoul.  I came to the office and the (staff) said I can’t do the audition that day. But i said, I came from far place but because the (staff) with a pitiable eyes, the staff finally let me do the audition .
JR  My hometown is in Kangwon-do, Kangreung. It’s a far place from Seoul, so I never think about being a singer. But when i was going to school, I get casted. I’m so puzzled but i feel happy so i told my father about it. At first, he was against. But because a Noona who casted me said to him that I appeared on her dream, standing on a big stage; he give me a permission . My father dream actually is to be a singer. Now my father give me a lot of support.
Baekho  I was accompanied my friend to go to audition, but then i get casted. I accidentally get casted, but then i can reach my dream now.
Aron  When i was on US, I saw Dambi Noona’s ‘Crazy’ Video, And i thought it’s so attractive. I heard that Pledis are going to do an audition on US, So i immediately join the audition. I passed, and ranked 1st and now i can be a singer.

Q. We’re so curious about NU’EST Music style, and which Musicians do you like.
You can’t find 뉴이스트(NU’EST)’s Anywhere, Because 뉴이스트(NU’EST) made the new style of music!

Q. Your role model?
Minhyun  Eric Benet On our agency office, i practiced Ericbenet’s  ‘still with you’ , and when i listen to the song, It’s a good song.
Ren Michael Jackson He can perfectly dancing and singing, I like him since i was young, and he’ll be my role model forever.
JR  Eminem At first, no one accepted him, But because his hard work, People accepted him now . Seems like he’s a cool man.
Baekho  DBSK The sunbaenims are so powerful, and they showed up a great performance. We also want to show up powerful performance.
Aron  Anthony Hamilton Since i was young, I enjoy listening to Anthony Hamilton’s songs. Anthony Hamilton’s charisma, his vocal is the best.

Q. I want to be a ____ Singer in the future! (In 5 Syllabels)
Minhyun  I want to be a singer who give a love in the future.
Ren  I want to be a stylish singer in the future.
JR  I want to be a singer that just like a rainbow in the future!
Baekho  I want to be singer who make people touched in the future!
Aron  I want to be a humble singer in the future.

Credit: Mnet special

Translation :Thenuest

PHOTOS | [Mnet’s pick] NU’EST [Face] MV behind the scene


One comment on “PHOTOS | [Mnet’s pick] NU’EST [Face] MV behind the scene

  1. Amidst many new K-pop artist, i hope you can make it to the top. Aim high, soar high but keep your feet firm on the ground… NU’EST Fighting!

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