TRANS | JR’s Daum cafe fanchat 120310

[JR] Hello~ This is NU’EST Leader? JR~!!
Hi Hi~~
[JR]Finally, The last live chatting!!!~~
[JR]Fansign event was fun~
[JR]The members are behind me practicing..
I’m having a break time!!

[JR] I ate braised chicken and Kimchi pork dolsot today!

[JR] We’ll go to all over the country

[JR] We bought a good computer!…I really want to say that..But I’m just using the best computer on practice room now„ㅜ_ㅜ

[JR] Noona~

[JR] I’m slow at typing..ㅜㅡㅜ

[JR] But rather than Minhyun?..

[JR] We are still practicing, so we haven’t opened the gifts yet

[JR] I’ll reveal it later!

[JR] I came from Kangwon-do Kangreung!

[JR] ❤

[JR] We’ll surprise you on debut stages!

[JR] Everyone~ Please come!

[JR]My teaser? It should be released tonightㅜㅜIt’ll be released tomorrow at 6PM!!

[JR] It’s tomorrow!!

[JR]tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow~~

[JR]All fans are important!

[FAN]Jonghyun-ah please say hi

[JR]I like all food!! Except for tomato..

[JR]I’ve become (The chat room) leader!!


[JR]Chatting Leader!!

[JR]Study well noonas~~

[JR]Please come to our debut stage~ We afraid that only a few people come ㅜㅜ

[JR]I’ll practice typing fastㅜㅜ..

[JR]From today onwards, for 10 Minutes?

[JR]I met fans today, But i want to meet you all again ㅜㅜ

[JR]I’ll leave a message on Melon page later

[FAN]Please say you like the male fans too
[JR]i like all ~.~

[JR]Melt like a cookie~ (Ssok Ssok Ssok Lyrics)

[JR] I love you!
[JR] Ssok Ssok Ssok !

[JR]Our title song ‘Face’ will be released next week

hm hm..

[JR]You can look forward for it!

[FAN]Jonghyun-ah who are you belong to?
[JR]I’m noona’s!~

[JR]I’m everyone’s

[JR]All of you are mine

[JR]I will go to Thailand! too~

[JR]Yolgong Yolgong [T/N: Abbreviation for Yolsimhi Gongbu <Learning hard>] !! It’s YolYeon for me! [T/N: [T/N: Abbreviation for Yolsimhi Yeonseub <Practicing hard>]

[JR] I am .. not cute~

[JR]But kinda Jjang?

[JR]Those fans who promoto us a lot, are mine!

[JR]All of you are mine!!!!

[JR]JR Bbyong!

[JR]I will go to dream land, so meet me there!!


[JR]My eye-smile…

[JR]Sapporo was Jjang!!

[JR]You’ll catch a cold because of the weather ㅜㅜ keep yourself warm !

[JR]Did you saw our magazine??

[BAEKHO]Baekho is here!!!

[JR]ㅜㅜㅜ Baekho is really….popular

[JR] I also have a lot of fans 😛 !!

[JR]Indonesia fans, Hello~

[JR]We’ll show up cool performance on stage!!



[JR]Reporter-Lee! is doing a twitter~
I’ll tweet through Reporter-Lee ID!!
With the members !!
Although i want to do it alone!!
Should i do it alone?
Wah~ If we got 1st place all member will sign up on twitter!! I’ll have a personal account one~~!huhu

[JR] Jetty..(JR&Dotty)

[JR] I miss Dotty! [Pledisboss’ puppy]

[JR]I’ll take picture of Dotty and upload it!!

[JR] Baekho wrote a message (on loveletter board) few days ago..he stole the 1st place! ㅜ.ㅜ

[JR] I’m the last!!

[FAN] Noona will scold him
[JR] You shouldn’t

[JR]Jjong Jjong I’m JR!

[JR]I type faster than Minhyun~

[JR]Minhyunah Sorry..

[JR]All members are practicing now behind me ㅎㅎ Our sweaty Minhyuni..ㅎㅎ

[JR] JR is jjang

[JR] Everyone can decide our fanclub name!

[JR] I feel that i should take responsibility because i’m leader..Please treat our kids well..

[JR] And about Aron hyung..Please take care of him too

[JR] 1st place~ If we work hard, we can get it right~

[JR] Everyone is number one to me!

[JR] Help me?

[JR] Seems like i need to go to practicing now..

[JR] Everyone are practicing hard

[JR] I’ll try to learn (Kangwon-do) accent

[JR] I can’t use accent wellㅜㅜ I’ll ask to my mom!

[JR] Please look forward for our debut stage, Meet you at debut stage!!

[JR] Our fan should come!

[JR] Seems like i need to go now!..ㅜㅜ

[JR] Sorry!

[STAFF] The computer isn’t good, so it was hanging for a whileㅠㅠ

[JR] I’m still here

[JR] Please give a lot of love to NU’EST! Please put JR on 2nd place, and give me a lot of love too!! Hehe I’m in charge of promoting myself! Hoot.. Please put the other members on 2nd place too!

[JR] Bye! See you on next thursday!

[JR] This has been NU’EST leader, JR!! Bye Bye~`

Translation credit: thenuest


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