NEWS | NU’EST gets caught up in controversy over misunderstood lyrics

Pledis Entertainment’s boy group NU’EST made their way onto the Korean music scene with their debut performance on the March 15th episode of M! Countdown, but have already been swept up into controversy over some misunderstood lyrics in their debut song “Face.”

In the chorus of their title track, the Korean equivalent of “Sssh” which is a term used in English to mean “be quiet,” was misunderstood for being a curse word instead, sparking interest of netizens.

A Pledis Entertainment representative stated that “‘쉿’ is simply the Korean equivalent for the English term “Ssh” and not a curse word that people suspect it to be.”

The representative then went on to say, “It would be impossible to use such a curse word in the lyrics and be able to release it. There are no issues with the lyrics.”

NU’EST is currently promoting on Korean music programs with their debut single “Face.” What do you think of the controversy surrounding the lyrics?

Credits: Sports Chosun via Koreaboo
Shared By : PledisBlaze

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