NEWS | NU’EST brightens their style up for ‘Elle Girl’

Elle Girl‘ is on a roll these days with the pretty boys gracing the pages of their magazine! FollowingB.A.P., rookie boy group NU’EST has also participated in a dandy new pictorial for the magazine!

Because the members (aside from Aron, who’s born in ’93) are the same age (’95), they showed a remarkable sense of teamwork unseen in most kids their age. When asked to choose a favorite member out of their senior labelmates After SchoolJR chose Kahi for her outstanding leadership and dancing skills, and revealed that he’d love to take lessons from her.

Minhyun chose UEE for her various talents in singing, acting, and emceeing.

Their colorful pictorial look is a sure stray from their darker debut style, so enjoy the pictures below!

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver + allkpop
Shared By : @PledisBlaze

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