[Vote for Nu’est] Vote for Nu’est on various music charts

Hi Everyone!~~ In this post, I will be showing you how to vote for Nu’est on various music chart. 
 First, Im gonna show you guys how K-chart works ( Music Bank, Inkigayo, M!net) 
 Skip to the voting part at the end of the post ~ (in case you do not want to read such a long long explanation of how K-chart works)

[Updated 14.05.2010 – Music Bank doesn’t reveal how they count the score]

Music Bank changed their scoring system again from 14.05.2010
  1. Digital sales : 60%
This is based on online music sites such as: Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dosirak and Soribada. The more you search, stream, download ‘Face’, the more points are counted to the chart.
2. Physical album sales (10%) [ Note: Albums that are bought from Yesasia || KpopMart KpopTown || DVDHeaven || Music-Plaza || Aladdin will also be counted]
This is based on the number of album sales from Hanteo music chart + number of album sales from album stores system Hottracks and Synnara
3. Broadcasting frequency(20%)
This is based on how many times ‘Face’ is played on radio and television. However, Music Bank only counts broadcasting frequency on KBS radio and channels and doesn’t count that of SBS and MBC
4. Viewer’s votes (10%)
– This is based on viewers. The viewers can register at KBS website ( KSN for Korean || Passport number or ID scans for foreigners are necessary ). After each week, Music Bank select one from registered members and allow them to vote.

For example: 

The maximum point for an artist is 200.000
1.Digital music : 60%: 120,000 K-Chart points  (60%)
2.Album sales : 20,000 K-Chart  points (10%).
3.Broadcasting frequency: 40,000  K-Chart points  (20%)
4.Viewer’s vote  20,000 K-Chart points  (10%)
Let’s see how these pointes are distributed to each song. Actually, this progress is very simple. Only the top 100 songs from digital music sites are counted. After that, the digital sale of each song will be carefully checked, for example:
1st song : 230,000 (digital music sale of that week)
2nd song: 210,000
3rd song: 195,000
4rd song: 174,000

99nd song: 5,500
100th song: 5,000
The total point of 100 songs is 7,320,000 ( changeable each week)
So, how many K-chart point will a song receive?
Out of  7,320,000 points in total, the 1st song got 230,000I
In percent, it’s 3.142%
Therefore, the 1st song receive 3.142% of 120,000 K-chart points which is for digital music sales. => For digital music sales, the 1st song will receive 3770 K-Chart points
It goes the same to other songs.
Album sales, Broadcasting frequency and viewer’s vote will also be counted in the same way


  • SBS Inkigayo
Criteria for a Mutizen award:
Album sales (5%) +digital music sales (60%) + broadcasting frequency (10%) +Viewer’s votes (5%) + searching point (20%)
Physical album sales : Hanteo Chart ,  HOTRACKS [ Note: Albums that are bought from Yesasia || KpopMart KpopTown || DVDHeaven || Music-Plaza || Aladdin will also be counted]
Digital album/ song sales
+ Rankings on 5 of the most famous online music sites : Dosirak, Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Soribada.
+ Voting through mobile network
Searching point : Naver (naver.com) ,Nate (nate.com), Daum, Melon Bugs Soribada Dosirak…
Viewer’s votes:Mobilevotes + SBS official homepage================================================================
1.Album sales : (10%)
2. Digital sales: (40%)
3.Real-time digital chart (15%)
4.Viewer’s votes: Voting through korean and Japanese Mnet websites. + Voting through mobilephone network
NOTE_1:  The digital sales will be counted from the results of these following music sites:

Melon > Mnet > Bugs > Dosirak > Soribada ( For foreign fans, we can only vote, stream, and download at  Mnet and soribada).
Bugs – http://www.music.bugs.co.kr

(Login with you facebook account or make a new account)
( If you register at Bugs, your ID is usable for only 1 day)
Melon – http://www.melon.com
(your ID is usable for only 1 day)(Streaming point is only be counted after you have listened to the WHOLE SONG)
Dosirak – http://www.dosirak.com || Soribada: http://kpop.soribada.com/En/
(your ID is usable for only 1 day)
MNET – http://www.mnet.com
(One ID can only vote for 49 songs. Streaming )
Cyworld music – http://www.cyworldmusic.com
Physical album sales can be checked at
(updated from 6 differents music sites each 20 minutes)
How a foreign fans can vote for Nu’est?

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