[Fanaccount] Meeting Nu’est at Everland 120402

  “I don’t know how to start because I have a lot to say. Maybe I’ll start off with some background information. I’m a Singaporean girl who reached Korea (with my mom) on 120331 for a holiday in Seoul. Today’s my 3rd day in Seoul and I decided to make my way to Everland today even though it’s a little far from my hotel @ Myeongdong. So I took the train from Myeongdong to Gangnam then the public bus to Everland. Took me about 1.5 hours. When the public bus reached the Everland stop, my mom and I had to get off to take the shuttle bus to the park itself. I was speaking to my mom in Chinese when a girl who was walking near us asked us in Chinese if we were from Hongkong. So we told her we are from Singapore. Because she was alone we decided to go together. It was only during the short shuttle bus trip that I got to know from her (I will refer to her as ‘S’ from now on) that Nu’est is scheduled to film a programme at Everland, and that she was just going there to help her friends take photos of them. So we entered the park after buying our tickets. I even got a half-price discount for my all-day pass because S has a bank card that is affiliated with Everland and could be used for purchase of admission tickets. >:D

So after we went in we had to look for the group even though we had no idea where they’re at. I needed to use the washroom so a little while after entering the park we just stopped outside a burger place wondering if there’s a washroom in the restaurant. It was when we were hesitating if we should go in, that we spotted Ren exiting the Burger place with some food and the manager. Followed their exit were the other members, and when they were walking down the path, they started filming and JR did 2 separate slate claps. S and I quickly took out our cameras and started snapping away while the boys were recording. Couldn’t really hear what JR and Ren was saying, so I guess we’ll have to watch the programme to find out. Then they kept walking down slopes and we followed them and ended up at the pirate ship ride. We were an approx 5m distance away from them and we also saw some of the school kids coming up to take a look at them. There was a school trip to Everland & the students are probably from a school out of Seoul because they were speaking in a dialect I didn’t understand. There were about 4 fansite(?) noonas there and they started taking pictures so we kept the pictures going. One of their managers came forward to speak to them and told them a little strictly not to take photos. Because S and I are foreigners, the same female manager told us nicely that we aren’t supposed to take photos, after she spoke to the Korean fans. So we had an extra 30 seconds. Hehehe. Nu’est was filming at the entrance of the ride and when they were done (or maybe not), they stood in a corner and touched up their make up. Their coordi noonas kept re-applying make up for them. We speculated that they wanted to take the ride so the both of us waited for them so that we could ride the same ride together. While waiting, Ren did a small part of their dance. He was rather cute. We kept waiting but because they took such a long time, we decided to take the ride ourselves first.

When we were done with it, we went back to where my mom stood to wait for us (she bought only the entrance pass) and got to know that the boys went up to take the ride. So S and I quickly went up to queue for the ride again. There were only 3 members on the ride – JR, Ren, and Baekho. They queued at the last row so S and I queued opposite them, 3rd row from the front. When we boarded the ship for the second time, I happened to sit directly opposite JR with no one in between us. I had my iPhone with me, so I quickly snapped a few pictures of the 3 members before the ride began. & while waiting for the ride to begin, Baekho put his right arms around Ren, who sat in between the both of them. Then the ride started. I had a lot of eye contact with JR throughout, and both Ren and JR raised their arms up straight a few times. During the ride, it started to drizzle so Ren and JR both put their hands over their faces to prevent their make up from getting ruined. I wasn’t sure about Baekho though, but I don’t think he did that. Baekho, and then JR, did a heart with their arms and a while later I tried to do the same. But my heart wasn’t returned/seen. 😦

When the ride stopped, we could exit first so we went to collect our cameras from my mom, and get ready to take photos of the boys leaving the ride. We managed to take photos of them leaving, and JR was really polite, constantly bowing to the fans around him and smiling. I guess the boys had to ride the ride separately or something but we didn’t take it for the 3rd time because we would really throw up if we did LOL. Instead S bought a cup of Dippin’ Dots and the both of us enjoyed it while waiting for them to move to the next attraction.

It started to rain while we were moving to the next attraction so all of us, including the team, had to seek shelter at another Burger Joint and wait for the rain to stop/get smaller before we could move on. They boys sat outside, the 3 of us sat inside and directly opposite them. Ren was sitting opposite JR and their right side was a glass ceiling. So we were just separated by 2 tables and a glass window. After 10 minutes or so, the rain stopped for a while and so we could move around Everland again. As we were tagging behind the team, I witnessed JR continuously bowing to fans and greeting them. S tried to convey a message to Baekho for her friend but he got pulled away before she could even finish what she had to say. After a bit of walking, we ended up at a Safari water ride. Because the queue was a little long (though quite fast-moving) they could enter via the VIP lane. S and I wanted to try this ride but we also wanted to take photos of the boys when they leave the ride via the gift shop, but in the end we chose to queue for the ride because both of us aren’t big, crazy, fans of them and moreover let fate decide if we can meet the boys again after we’re done with the ride. So we queued and when we were half way to the head of the queue, the boys were back from their turn and we got to see them yet again. One of the members, either Minhyun or Aron, waved back to me as they walked. During the ride, we got to ride with a group of 6 boys. Because it was a water ride, we were expecting to get really wet but the funny thing was, when we came back to the main station, the other 6 boys were wetter than the both of us were. One of them even had the back of his whole vest wet. S and I were really dry.

When we came out of the water ride, my mom told us that they were still at the shelter next to the gift shop, so we quickly took photos again but from a distance away. They were touching up their make-up again. Then when we wanted to go for other rides because we thought we took enough photos of them, Nu’est started another activity. This time they were giving out flyers with their names on it. S was afraid to get on screen so I went forward to JR (he was nearest to where I stood) and got his pink flyer. He told me something in Korean when I received the flyer from him, but because I couldn’t understand well, all I did was go “Eung!” or to nod my head at whatever he said and ended off with a “Kamsahamida”. The other members also started to go around giving out their flyers, so I went to Minhyun and Aron. I also got an autograph from Aron. While he was signing, I told him using my lousy Korean that I’m a Singaporean. And after hearing what I said, he was like “Oh, you’re from Singapore??” and I replied with a “Yup!”. His female VJ told him to ask me questions as she filmed us.
Aron: “Do you know who we are?”
Me: “Yeah! Nu’est!!”
Aron: “How do you know us?”
I was taken aback by his question and so I didn’t answer him straight away. I had to craft a logical answer in my head and not say stupid/silly stuff, but all I can manage was “You guys are very popular!”… and after I said that out, I thought “Oops…”. I mean, I shouldn’t have used the word “really” because afterall they’re currently still a rookie group and it would really make me look like I’m boot-licking and lying… Plus, Aron looked like he was surprised by my answer. So while he was signing for me, he was explaining that they were gonna have a performance at ‘Tulip Garden’ at 5pm and that the flyer is actually the ticket to the performance. I nodded and said “Oh okay, uh huh, uh huh okay.” something along those lines, even though I didn’t catch what he was telling me. When he was about to hand me his autograph, I asked him “Can you write ‘To Laetitia’ for me?” and he agreed and asked me how to spell.
Aron:-while writing- “L-e…”
Me:”Uhm.. L-a-e..”
Aron:-changed the letter ‘e’ into an ‘a’ “L-a-e..”
Aron:”-while writing- “t-i…”
Aron:-pauses a while, then continued writing ‘t-i-a’-

When he handed me his autograph and flyer, I had to ask him again “You’re gonna have a performance?” and so he explained to me again. Then I said thank you and I promised him that I’ll be there. 🙂

It was about 3+pm when we got the flyers from the members so we decided to go do our own stuff while they go around giving out their tickets. We went back to the burger joint where we waited for the rain to stop to have a meal before moving on. We passed by a gift shop on our way there and decided to seek shelter and to go in to look at some stuff. It just happened that while we were outside the gift shop, my mom noticed the female manager and another male manager outside, and the female manager was holding some Nu’est stuff. A Japanese woman went up to her to ask for a folder or something and she gave it to her, so we followed and asked for some as well. After eating, S and I went to ride the Magical Carousel while my mom went nearby to shop. I really wanted to ride the roller coasters but because it was raining earlier on it was a bit foggy and the ride wasn’t open. 😡 After that, we decided to find where the performance venue. We arrived at the Tulip Garden and took many pretty photos of the flowers and the area. It started raining again, and this time even heavier than it was. & the rain lasted the whole day from then onwards. We saw a bunch of student fans waiting at the front of a small stage at the garden but we didn’t think that was where the performance would take place because the stage isn’t very big and there isn’t any shelter to keep the boys away from the rain. So we walked to other places, searching for a stage we thought it would be possible for them to perform on.

We walked round and round in the rain, occasionally seeking shelter, and was hoping to find the members again so we could ask and reconfirm the location. After some walking, by sheer luck, we found the boys and the team at a sheltered area rather near the stage. I saw Aron there so I had to ask him again in English.
Me:”You guys are gonna perform there at the Tulip Garden?”
Aron:”At 5pm!”
Me:”But it’s raining!!”
Aron:-says nothing but smiles-
Me:-waiting for his answer-
Me: “Okay.. I’ll be there!!”
Aron:”Thank you!”
Then we rushed off to the washroom that’s 2m away. LOL. When we came out, a whole bunch of people were at the area, to our surprise. Didn’t know what was going on, but we followed them again out of the sheltered area to the same stage area where many fans were already waiting at. Actually, they were just passing by the stage and going to the stretch of restaurants/shops opposite the Tulip Garden. We decided not to follow them, but wait at the front of the stage with the other student fangirls. Even if the 2 managers of Nu’est were there, we still didn’t believe they were gonna do their performance there because it was still raining quite badly. One of the managers or staff went on stage to tell the fans that unfortunately because of the rain they have to cancel the performance because the boys can’t possible dance on such slippery floor and nor under the rain. Instead they were just gonna do a short greeting, and that if we want to watch them perform, we can go watch the live music shows. LOL.

But because it wasn’t 5pm yet, S and I went to ride the mini train ride that goes one round around the Tulip Garden. When the train was about to leave the station, we heard some screams from the group of girls waiting at the front of the stage. I turned and saw Ren walking past the group, towards the area where his group members were. So he wasn’t with the rest of the members at first. After a minute or so the 2 managers also left the area and proceeded to where Nu’est was. The train ride was quite fast about 3~4 mins long. After the ride we went back to the stage front and decided to wait for them and not go anywhere else. It was really cold since it was raining. Then after a while, the boys finally appeared. They went backstage to get ready, while the same staff came forward to say a few words. I forgot what he said.

When the boys came out, I actually wanted to use my camera to take a video of them. But the worst thing happened. It ran out of battery all of a sudden, probably due to the cold weather that it drained out so quickly and suddenly. And I didn’t have my spare battery with me. T_T I could only rely on my iPhone then. So among panicking and taking out my handphone, I missed out their opening lines, which I really like and thought it deserved to be on camera. I had to use my phone to take videos and photos of them while S was busy snapping away using her really professional camera. I didn’t understand what they were saying but I think they did a popularity vote. Each member told fans to raise the flyers they got and each of them counted to see who got the most fans there. I didn’t know who won though… They were also told to say something to the fans or something like that. When the meeting was near the end, the boys were really cute. They bade us goodbye, waved and did hearts! Some of them did with their hands, some of them did with their arms. And they smiled alot despite the lousy weather.

After the short meeting, they went backstage and that was the end of our day with them. S wanted to take more photos of them leaving for her friend, but it didn’t seem like they were going to leave soon so we left first, while the staff and thanked us and told us all to give them a lot of support. The staff team is really nice actually. The managers aren’t as scary as I thought they would be.

So after they left we had our own time, but it was still raining and we still couldn’t ride the roller coasters. Ended up walking through a (lame and totally frightless) haunted house, and watching the 20~25 minutes long 3D Pororo Show. LMAO.

Then we went to yet another gift shop and S bought a keychain for her phone. Then we left the place. So to sum up everything, the day would have been perfect if not for the mood-dampening rain. Honestly, I didn’t pay attention to Nu’est because there’re really a lot of rookie groups these days and I don’t really have the mood or the time to go know more about them one by one. But since I met Nu’est by pure chance, I’m gonna take close notice of this group of boys. You can already count me as their fan already. 🙂 From not knowing anyone’s names at the start of the day, to knowing all of their names at the end of the day, I guess I’d really pay attention to this group more from now on. 🙂 뉴이스트 화이팅! 애들아 또 만나자!”

Jacked this awesome fanaccount from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/gpubn9 : ) Wow~
Please take out ALL parts WITH CREDITS to @laetitia_aw


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