NEWS | Nu’est Minhyun confessed ” My first hug…”

Member Minhyun of Nu’est recently has confessed that he hasn’t been in love with anyone.

In recent interview with enews, he confessed ” As of now, I haven’t been in love with anyone. Of course I also haven’t had my first kiss yet” and revealed that he is lacking of love experience. Born in Busan, Minhyun, with his 181cm-height and handsome look, is gaining lots of love from noona fans.

 Minhyun:”I am in charge of guy who have firm character in NU’EST , and so, my personality and character is kinda firm”. Minhyun, who is over chatty/ talk a lot, is well-known as the tonic of the team.

“There’s no dating ban from our agent company. Actually they even encourage us but we have no time to date.I need to use my sleep time to meet with someone, so it’s not easy”. said Minhyun

” Not only first kiss, I don’t have hugging experience as well. Actually, my very first hug was with a fan  at our first fanmeetinglast February. It would be good if she knows it” *big laughs*

On the other hand, Nu’est agent company’s new girl group Hello Venus is preparing to make their debut in early May.


Credit: enews24
Gif: renatichangjongupie
Rough Trans: PledisBlaze

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