RANDOM |120414 NU’EST Jongno Fansign

will not be uploading my video from this time for various reasons. I wasn’t able to film Minhyun at the start, the talks were all short, and Aaron wasn’t feeling good.

We didn’t do it by number this time, just by the order we came in. Me and a friend were about half way up the right side of the stairs where we had to sit.

They did half of the left side of the stairs before stopping… and me and my friend were right in front for a good 30 minutes being able to just sit and watch. 😀 It was nice. As we were waiting closer I could tell Aaron looked tired, and he kept letting his head down when he didn’t have a fan in front of him and wasn’t responding to the people calling for him to look at their cameras.

Minhyun was first. We were having to go quick, so I just told him he did well today.

Same happened with Baekho, plus me telling him he’s cool.

Aaron was in the middle. I asked him if he was okay because he looked like he wasn’t feeling good. I expected the typical idol answer of saying, ‘oh no, I’m fine!’ but he admitted to having been feeling sick the whole day. I reassured him he did really well today and wished him luck in getting better soon.

Mingi was fourth. He’s still confused as to why I’m still in Korea because one time (way in the beginning) I misunderstood what he’d asked me and told him a date (when I started classes, though he’d asked when I was leaving because I said that soon I wouldn’t be able to come as much anymore). So I reassured him I’m going to be here for a while… xD I also told him he was very manly in today’s performance (which he was. his pretty face is a curse…)

Jonghyun was last! Basic greeting, and I told him he did well today. Recently the fan manager unnie asked who I like the most, so I told her JR. The moment she noticed me in front of him she came over and said very obviously, “So, Shelbi, you’re a JR fan, right? :DDD” obviously trying to troll. ;o; Jonghyun looked surprised. We’d been told that we couldn’t have hugs since the table was big/it took too long, but I asked for a hug then. She tried to say no, but another fan had also gotten a hug earlier, plus she’d just ‘revealed’ that I was his fan, so I used those to my advantage and got a hug. My friend got one too. :3

We didn’t hang around until they left…

Random fact!! All of them wrote my name correctly this time.ㅋㅋ

-Jacked from http://itshysterie.tumblr.com/post/20710169263 –
Credit pics : CrispyFantasy 

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