NEWS : NUEST Topped the Favorite Male Rookie Group 2012 – Dkpopnews chart

A total of 60,159 readers have participated in DKPOPNEWS’ Favorite Male Rookie Group in 2012 poll since last week.

NU’EST emerged as the winner with 42% of the total votes, a total of 25,338 votes received. EXO-K received 23,868 votes and are ranked at 2nd place while B.A.P and BTOB are ranked at 3rd and 4th place.

Let’s hear some of Dkpopnews Readers’ Comments :

Solange ♪☆~:

Guys, do you think Chart decides everything?? Really?? Don’t be naive, Exo is from SM, and SM is the company who dominates the TV, the newspapers.. everything about media. So, the “charts” are not a good source of popularity. This is the true chart. Here you can notice Nu’est Power!! They will be GREAT, BIG ARTISTS!
Go, Go Nu’est!!

Qeen Isa:

It could have been the battle between B.A.P and EXO-K but in the end, NU’EST snatched the title away. Either way, congrats! Everytime I hear Aron’s rap, I cannot stop myself from smiling cause it’s just way too cuteeeeeee :))))))


Now come on B.A.P & EXO have a strong debut, i like NU’EST but they a little not have a strong debut. This chart is wrong. NU’EST??? really

Alexis Anne Mongcal:

It should be EXO-K. Why NU’EST? In what rank are they in chart? Com’on!

NUEST deserved to win the poll~ It’s FAVORITE Male Rookie Group and Pledis Fans are the strongest among KPop Fandoms ;D

Source : dkpopnews
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