ME2DAY | NU’EST with Yoo Jae Suk and Haha


 밥 먹으러 식당에 갔는데요! 존경하는 유재석선배님과 하하선배님을 뵜어요! (^-^)저희 뉴이스트를 알아봐 주실까 걱정했는데 반갑게 인사도 해주시고 사진도 함께 찍어 주셨습니다!! 진짜 넘넘 조아요!저희 몰래 계산까지!! 유재석선배님, 하하선배님 정말 넘넘 감사합니다! | Went to a restaurant to eat! We met Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim and Haha sunbaenim whose we respect so much! (^-^) We were afraid if they didn’t acknowledge NU’EST, but they greet us and even took a photo with us!! I’m really really happy!They acknowledge us!! Yoo jae suk sunbaenim, Haha sunbaenim, thank you very much!


Source : Baekho’s Me2day
Translated By : thenuest@twitter

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