TRANS | Aron’s Message on Facebook~ Give a Like!


Hi everyone! This is NU’EST Aron! (:
Since I wrote a letter on our official fan cafe, I thought I’d might as well leave one on our official Facebook page!
How is everyone? Good, I hope!

Since this is the first time that I’ve written anything on our Facebook page, I would like to first thank you guys for all your interest in us! It really means a lot to us that you guys are always supporting and ch…eering us on! >:D
I really want to meet each and every one of you guys personally! We mighttt be going overseas soon! Who knows? Hehe (;
We’re getting ready for our 2nd album comeback so we’re really busy these days!
We’re working really hard for you guys so please continue to show your love and support for us! (:
Thank you guys and… I love you! ♥

– NU’EST Aron >:D

Source : NUEST Official Facebook Page


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