INFO | Choose a fandom for Nu’est now~

[Name for fanclub]

 – Vote here: [The deadline is May 19]

1. 뉴즈(NUZE,NUSE) – (Submitted by 2 People)

: “Inspire in music”; “NU’EST + MUSE = NUSE/NUZE”
NU(For NU’EST) S(special: Special and) E(essential People)

: NU’EST + MUSE= NUZE will only looking at NU’EST.

2. 네스트(NEST)- (Submitted by 2 People)

– Short term for north, south, east, west (Because NU’EST use compass for fanclub logo)

– Combined NU’s N and EST = NEST (Resting Place,A place to find a peace)

3. 뉴이너스(NUINUS) 

– Short term for NU’EST IN US.

4. Pine(파인)- 

: Because JR always says to the fans“Please be the fans whom just like a pine tree.”

5. 러브(LOΛE) – pronounced like ‘Love’

: NU’EST’s (뉴이스트) consonant (ㄴㅇㅅㅌ= LOΛE) = LOVE



[Name for fan]

Vote here: [ The deadline is May 19]

1.     스윗(Swith)
–  From “sweet and with” pronounciation. It can be pronounced as “With” or“Sweet”.

2.     뉴잉(NUing) 
–  NU’EST+ ~ing= NUing(뉴잉): NU’EST and Fans


 If you don’t like the given ideas, please submit your suggestion by clicking the last option ‘기타’ and post a reply below about your idea.
 Also, you can send Pledis a mail about your idea for fandom name. Please send the mail to
Translation credit: thenuest 

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