ME2DAY | Baekho Med2ay Update 170512 : In the Practice Room

내가 없는 연습실에서 대체 무슨일을 벌이고 있는거야!!ㅎ혼자보기 아까워서 멤버들 몰래 남겨요! 저는 혼자 녹음실에서 녹음하고 있는데ㅠ멤버들이보고싶어요!!ㅠㅠ빨리녹음에집중을~!참참!!저희 열심히 준비하고 있어요!!!!!바람피지않기~그럼 뿅☆  |

What’s happened in the practice room when I’m gone!!ㅎIt’s a waste if i’m seeing this alone, so i upload this without members knowing ! I’m recording alone in the recording roomㅠI miss the members!!ㅠㅠShould concentrate on recording~!well well!!We’re working hard preparing!!!!!Don’t cheat on us~Then bbyong☆ 

Trans: thenuest


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