ME2DAY | Baekho Me2day Update 120521 : Man in NU’EST5 !


Man in NU’EST5 !아론형생일선물빌렸어용~딱선글라스가5개들어왔길레 장난기발동..!!ㅎㅎ요즘부쩍우리러브여러분들이 보고싶어 졌어요.. 빨리 NU’EST가 COME BACK!!!을했으면좋겠어요..ㅠㅠ 여러분 좀만 기다려용! 아! 여기서 러브는 우리 팬카페이름! 뿅★ | Man in NU’EST5 ! Borrowed Aron Hyung’s birthday present ~ when there’s 5 sunglasses, our mischievousness aroused..!!ㅎㅎI miss our L.O./.E these days.. I hope NU’EST will COME BACK quickly !!!..ㅠㅠ Everyone please wait for a little bit! Ah! L.O./.E is our fancafe name ! Bbyong★ 

Source : Baekho’s Me2day
Translated By : thenuest

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