FAN-ACCOUNT | JRon’s 2hour14min-birthday party ♥


JRON’S DAY 120603 [FAN ACCOUNT] It’s a bit long, because the event lasted about 2hours40.. ♥

I woke up very early.. 7am ! And I just slept about 2 hours -_- what a crazy thing haha.. Anyway, yesterday I prepared the birthday cards and presents (another post) then today I check if I had all the stuffs that I need : Sketch book, Marker and Cheer placard. After that I took the subway and sleep like a poo @@

I got there (Olleh Square) at 10:10.. they started to give the tickets at 10:30.. then I went to “Paris Croissant”.. you know I’m french and “Paris Croissant”  is a good non-french bakery compared to “Paris (shit) Baguette”.. this brand makes me puke hahaha, then I was happy to eat a “pain au chocolat”.. ok my life is cool I know.
10:30 I went back to Olleh Square and got my tickets~ I was number 76.. and the seat was B19, it was a good seat.. after got the ticket the staff give to the fans some goodies ♥ (Here) very nice from them ^^

11:40.. It’s time to go inside !!! So exciting..! Then, my seat was B19.. then I got there, it was pretty good, close to the stage.. (even in the back I think you can see everything because the hall was small) the seat was so comfortable.. BUT.. a girl asked to me if I wanted to exchange with her, my seat.. because she was not with her friend (who was next to me), then I said okay.. because.. she offered to me a seat in the “Special Area“ (S14) just in front of the stage for the people who have some privilege (because they attend about 25-33 times TV SHOW ! Crazy right ?) HAHAHA so lucky.. you can’t imagine how it was close.. about 1,50m from the stage, I felt so happy ! Thanks to this girl~


12:05, finally.. NU’EST arrived, aaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Long time no see.. I was very very happy to see them ! It was about 1 month that I didn’t see them in fact..(since the staff stop the update their schedule @@) and I really missed them ! The new hairstyle of JR is really cool~ and all of them are so handsome, I dont know why but it seems like they grew up ! Haha 🙂 They look.. more mature.
First they performed “I’m sorry”, I wanted to cry.. because so happy haha and very close from them, it was a shock -_- one time I felt awkward because they could see my OMG face —’.. because I was the second line.. but in front of me, it was empty and I was in the center.. so.. hahahaha. (Seriously why this girl exchanges with me @@?). The performance was very good, as I hoped they improve a lot !!! ♥

After they spoke, greetings etc.. You know they use to animate a TV show now (kpop20) so they were like the MC and it was their presents to JR and Aron haha, what a joke ! (Baekho spoke the most haha.. Ren so shy @@They looked very happy ! Because yeah long time no see their fans !! And after we started a game.. NU’EST vs ㄴㅇㅅㅌ.. we used the sketch book and it was a quizz.. the first questions were really easy.. <What’s the name of NU’EST fanclub ? What’s the date of NU’EST debut ?> but after OMG, I can’t understand because it was in Korean and the time was short to answer -_- then I just wrote on my sketchbook ” OMG.. WHAT ? ” because omg I was totally out, but it was pretty funny..(Really question like : what is the high school name of Ren ? WTF I’m not stalker!) Unfortunately, I couldn’t really understand the questions so I couldn’t win the game.. There were 10 questions and people who answered right to all the questions.. went on stage and ask what they wanted to NU’EST.. very interesting, fangirls(10) were so shy and hid face, very funny, sometimes they ran away from NU’EST wtf ? XDD If it was me… aahahahah ! 2 girls asked Hugs.. good choice.. 2 others asked to J.R and Baekho to sing a love song to her.. T_T, one asked a picture with Minhyun.. and.. omg.. a girl asked to JR to dance on a Hip hop song.. but finally.. all the members danced againt her OMG, Ren was very dynamic I was shocked @@ don’t do sexy wave against this girl Minki TT XDD but it was really funny..!


OK after.. I need to think a bit to remember what it was (so many things and I have bad memory sometimes @@) 

NU’EST members did a kind of ‘MC show’ again very funny, they just teased each other..
I think after they showed some pictures (fantaken) of JR and Aron.. cute moment, NU’EST members were sitting on the floor on the stage, like kids who are fascinated by TV xD

WHY MY MEMORY IS SO BAD ??? Ok i’m really sorry if I tell you the event but not in the good order -_- kill me plz XD (but actually I think I’m not so wrong @@)

I’m pretty sure after that, the staff brought the birthday cake and at this time, the hall was in the dark and all the fans were with the bright candle sticksinging the birthday song..(It was a surprise 😮), me I was just laughing because I didn’t know the melody of this birthday song -_-, but it was really beautiful to see all the bright candle stick ! Very good idea~ the fan’s performance was a success haha.. 

After that.. if I remember well, we saw a video with fancam of Aron and JR.. a lot of aegyo haha ! Aron looked so awkward when he saw his many ‘booing booing time’ in fact this guy is really “aegyo fanservice”.. I noticed that since the beginning x’)

Baekho, Ren and Minhyun left the stage and let alone JR and Aron.. these two guyz had preparing a unique performance, it was really cool ! Because both of them are the rappers of NU’EST and due to this song we can noticed how they are good at rap ! Because it’s a kpop band there is just a little part for rap.. then usually we can’t really listen them. Anyway, it was very cool ! *0* (This song)

Members came back after and they did a kind of “Radio show” with table and mic.. like in a radio studio haha. It was stupid thing I guess (yeah unfortunately I couldn’t understand most of what they said T_T feel so frustrated..) and after this blabla time, Minhyun took a mobile phone.. and he called someone !? It was a guy in the public, in fact if I understood this guy is the dance teacher or something like that, but he looked very cool with US hiphop style.. so manly XD. And then this guy danced on the previous music (remember with the winner girl who asked that) and it was so nice haha, but.. this guy was useless, he just ran away. And.. Minhyun and others members called others people.. in the public, in fact these people were born on the same day as JR or Aron, so Pledis was very nice to celebrate the birthday of NU’EST fans.. so 5girls came on stage and took the seat of the members, they got some presents (pretty watch) ^^

Blabla again, and NU’EST left the stage.. to prepare something hu.. we waited a little bit..(manager announced to us another surprise event for fans.. staff hid some pictures, and people who found them can have a pic with sign^^) and when they came back OMG…. members exchange their outfits
Then :
• Minhyun became J.R
• J.R became Baekho
 Ren became Aron
• Aron became Minhyun
and the funnier.. Baekho became.. omg.. REN.. you know with the first outfit for FACE.. (the pink t-shirt with leopard thing etc..) I was laughing so much !
So after they perform with playback (yeah because of course J.R can’t sing like Baekho etc) Minhyun imitated very well J.R XD and Baekho was so embarassing with Ren’s outfit hahaha ! It was a really funny moment.. laughing too much ~
Blabla, they left one more time.. The manager explained that today pictures and videos were not allowed, because it’s a big event and we need attention.. I think it’s better like that, because usually it’s too much paparazzi.. then after we will have the pleasure to see the “NEW PAPA” pics ^^ but the manager let to us 3minutes for a picture time.. it was so fast XD but I took some pictures, I’ll post them after !
After the hall was divided in 3 part.. 1st side, Special Area and 2nd side.. NU’EST took picture with each part ^^

And it was finished 😮 after this long time with them.. What a great time, it was a pleasure to be with them like that, so close with a warm ambience !

You know, I’m in Korea since.. August 24th 2011.. and I’ll leave Korea on June 29st.. I think it was the last time that I can see them.. unfortunately I’ll not be there for their comeback on July.. it’s so sad T_T, I was very happy to attend this perfect event.. it will be one of my good memory in this country and in my Kpop stuff haha.. I really love them.. even in France I’ll support and cheer them èé


 – took this awesome~ fan account from keepurpanda. Thank you >.< – 


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