NEWS | Aron and JR celebrate their birthdays with fans at their first official fan event + comeback this Summer

Rookie group NU’EST recently celebrated the birthdays of members JR and Aron with their fans in an intimate meet-and-greet event hosted at Olleh Square on June 4th.

NU’EST debuted only a few months ago, quickly garnering much success with their debut single “Face.” This fan event will mark the group’s first ever official fan event since their debut on March 15th.

The event was created to give back to the fans for their support for the group. While there was a limit of 1000 entrees for the event, the seating limit in the venue was increased by 300 seats due to popular demand. In order to give all fans a fair chance to be a part of one of the 300 extra attendees, the lucky contestants were chosen by a random drawing.

The event consisted of various events that enabled fans to interact face-to-face with the idols, allowing an intimate bonding between the the boys and the fans. The two birthday boys JR and Aron also provided a special surprise for the fans as they performed a duet version of their song “Face.” Other notable events for the fans included a montage of video clips that showed the members during their trainee days.

It’s been a long time since we saw you last, and we’re so happy to see you all here today,” said NU’EST, “We are so blessed to have you all, and I hope you will stick with us through all the memories we’re going to make together in the future!

Meanwhile, the boys have announced during the event that they will be making a comeback this summer with an upgraded concept and performance.


Credit : allkpop