Trans | JR’s love letter in fancafe: ” Today’s my day~” 120608

Hello~ To all of our LOVEs whom wishing me a happy birthday….but don’t do kakao talk morning call,….I was surprised…when i was writing this..because i suddenly heard my voice…ㅜㅜ Hihi I’m kiddingㅎyou guys did it, right? It’s my birthday, yet I’m practicing at practice room right now!!! I’m going to do my best this time~~Actually.. when I was writing the message on fancafe~ I forgot everything~ So although the message is very short…please understand. Then I’m going to practice,bye!
I uploaded edited picture on twitter! And here! the original picture! Everyone are you watching~?ㅎ
our LOVEs. You do know my heart right?^^

Credit: Nu’est fancafe 
Trans: thenuest 

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