TRANS | JR’s Love Letter in the Fancafe 120620 : “Hello~ I heard it’s been a while since (we) visited.”

Hello! It’s been a while since i wrote a message ~~
kekeke.. Our viewable radio! Please watch it a lot!!
And another hot issue!! It’s!!
about After School sunbaenim korean comeback… heheㅋㅋ…
~~  Please give a lot of love!! to our After School sunbaenim!!
They even received our phone call when they were in Japan…
Indeed… Our After School sunbaenims, Good.. Girl.
Then!! The 2nd hot issue!
Not much time left,… until our 100 days anniversary!!!
Wahh!~~ We already ate the rice cake for the 100 days!!
It was delicious.. the word “NU’EST” was written on the white rice cake.. ㅋㅋ I ate the NU’EST rice cake~~ 하하하하하하
Then, that’s it… ㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to smile practice„, ~~
hahaha~~ everyone smile day~~~ good good~

Source : NUEST Official Fancafe
Trans by : thenuest

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