INFO | NU’EST 1st Mini Album Tracklist + Short Song Lines*

NU’EST 1st mini album title track : “액션(Action)

NU’EST 1st mini album Action Tracklist :

1. Not Over You

2. Action


4. 생일 축하해요 (Happy Birthday)

Composers: Lee-Gi and Seo Young Bae (Ailee’s – Heaven Composer) composed NU’EST title track “Action”.

Credits : @Muse_MH0809 via @thenuest

First lines of NU’EST 1st mini album “Action” songs :

*1. Not Over You – 안돼 뜻모를 나의 이 눈물은 뭔데 훔쳐도 계속
(Lyricist : BRIAN KIM | Composer : Seo Jaeha, Lee Yujin)

*2. Action – 넌 나빠 딱봐도 티가나 틀려 툭하면 튀잖아 (Lyricist : VASCO, Jang Jiwon | Composer : Seo Youngbae, Lee-Gi)

*3. Sandy – 욕심이라고 너의 옆에 서기엔 참아보지만 이젠 (Lyricist : WAERMO SAMUEL, Jang Jiwon | Composer : WAERMO SAMUEL, MUSOH)

*4. 생일축하해요(Happy Birthday) – 어느 추운 겨울 날 하느님 께서는 한 사람을 위한 천사를 (Lyricist, Composer : Jeong Yeonseung)

-Source: 한국음악저작권협회-
[© N_Noriter] via thenuest

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