News: NU’EST receives much interest with their comeback performance

Rookie group NU’EST‘s first mini album, released on the 11th, and has been receiving positive response from fans especially with their comeback performance.

After NU’EST’s exciting performance of their latest track, “Action“, on ‘M! Countdown‘ on the 12th, the group achieved #1 on MelOn‘s real-time search ranking chart and fans’ anticipation for their comeback led to the server of their fan cafe to temporarily crash.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “NU’EST did their best to upgrade their musicality and stage performance from their previous album activities. Due to their unique performance along with the strong beat and easy melody of their single, the public has become more aware of the group. We will keep promoting hard in return for your support.”

Fans commented, “They have the visuals, choreography, and songs to make them the rookie group of the year”, “I can’t wait to see their comeback performance tomorrow”, and “The choreography matches well with the lyrics of their single.”

Credit: allkpop 


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