Trans | First member of SEVENTEEN revealed : Kim mingyu.


[Seventeen/Trans] Mr. Wristband profile

Nickname: Mr. 아대 – Mr. Wristband
Real name: Kim mingyu

D.O.B: 6th April 1997

Blood type: B

Body size:
+ height: 184cm~
+ weight: 65kg
+ foot size: 270

Ideal type: a tall, kindhearted and easy-going girl!!!~ (is there anyone~?)

Current address: Gyeonggi-do Building???? Room????

My 24 hours of a day:
+ 9 a.m: wake up
+ 9 ~ 10 a.m: Take a bath and go to practice room ( the practice room is just 5~10 minutes away so there’s enough time to take a bath~^^)
+ 10 a.m~ 12 p.m: Cleaning and exercising.
+ 12 ~ 12.30 p.m: Lunch time~
+ 12.30 ~ 5 p.m: Individual practice ( Individual practice is tiring, yet fun . It may seem a lot but there’s still not enough time )
+ 5~ 5.30 p.m: Dinner ( hehe so happy )
+ 7~ 9 p.m: seventeen TV~ the time I meet you guys~

My recent biggest interest:
Recently, I’m really interested in acting!! I’m learning acting too!! It’s fun and enjoyable!! Therefore I want to watch a lot of movies… and dramas!

Unique personalities:
Firstly, I’m super tall, and I have eyes which look like they are drawn with eyeliner. Cheerful and bright personality. Perhaps you can easily see the difference between the other members and me!!

What do I prefer:
1. 죠스 떡볶이 vs 국대떡볶이
Jaws Tteokbokki vs Gukdae Tteokbokki ( rice cake chains )
-> Jaws Tteokbokki
2. Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger vs Bacon Tomato Deluxe. (Korean McDonald’s sets)
-> Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger
3. Choco pie vs Chupa chups -> Chupa chups
4. “Anipang” vs “everybody chachacha” (kakao game)
->everybody chachacha
5. Infinity Challenge vs Running man
-> Running man (It’s hard to choose TT__TT )
6. 63 City vs Namsan Park
-> Namsan Park
7. Seventeen practice room vs dorm
-> Dorm

Time at practice room: 12 hours??.. 12 to 13 hours!!

Me 10 years later:
Ten years from now… um… I want to work hard on what I’ll do and also acting. ( I will be 27 years old at that time so maybe I will have married? T_T )

Future hopes:
I really want to act!! TT___TT Let’s meet in movies

-Kim mingyu –
Jan 24th 2013

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6 comments on “Trans | First member of SEVENTEEN revealed : Kim mingyu.

  1. Tall, sexy and seems nice, you mean a dream guy for me 😉 ❤ And your ideal type: I'm tall xD maybe a little to tall for you (178 cm) but I'm kindhearted (at least my friends tell me so, and easy- going… and by the way, really looking forward to Seventeen's debut ❤

  2. Wouaaah *o* He’s older than me .. a little bit =) tall, hot, gwiyomi player -17TV S2- zojsklrifdk be mine 😥

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