Interview: NU’EST on Epop magazine #41 (Feb 2013)


Q: Who inspired you to become a singer?

Baekho: TVXQ.
Minhyun: Eric Benet. I always practice to sing his songs. I really like his songs!
JR: Eminem. He’s not only famous, but he composes songs too!
Ren: Lady Gaga and TVXQ.
Aron: Anthony Hamilton.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Aron: I won’t change anything. I don’t wanna change.
Baekho: I have curly hair. I want to change my hairstyle.
Ren: I want a longer hair!

JR: I want a well-built body because I’m thin even though I eat a lot.
Minhyun: I want a nice skin because my skin is sensitive.

Q: What do you like about yourself?

Minhyun: I’m a nice guy.
JR: My eyes!
Ren: My fashion style!

Q: What is NU’EST’s goal(s)?

Aron: We want to take first place in music charts! (Q: How about personal’s goal(s)?) Hmm… NU’EST is a group, we don’t really think about personal’s goals, we only think about group.

Q: What is your role in NU’EST?

Aron: Minhyun is the mom.
Minhyun: Because I always do the house chores. (laughs)
Aron: No. Minhyun is the mom, and we are his sons. (laughs)

Q: What is your hidden talent?

Aron: As a group, we are really friendly even with people whom we just met.
Minhyun: I have a nice voice.
JR: I’m good in dancing.
Ren: Fashion style.
Baekho: Kendo.
Aron: Golf.

Q: Who has double personalities?

Baekho: JR? He looks stylish on stage, but he looks cute off-stage. (everyone laughs)

Q: If you were a girl, what do you want to do?

Minhyun: Facial and nail art.
JR: I want to have nice legs and smooth skin.
Ren: I already look like a girl, right? I want to have gorgeous and beautiful hair.
Baekho: I want to keep my current hairstyle. I want to keep sideburns. (everyone laughs)

Q: 3 words to describe NU’EST?

Minhyun: Visual, unique personality, different characteristics.

Q: Thing(s) that made you happy lately?

Baekho: Our own solo showcase in Japan!

Q: What do you want to do on holidays?

Minhyun: Watch movies.
JR: Shopping!
Ren: Go to the beach with other members.
Baekho: Bring other members to eat at my hometown.
Aron: I want to sleep! (everyone laughs)

Q: If you could only travel with a member, who would it be?

Minhyun: Aron hyung! He knows English. I don’t have to worry about language if he travels with me.
JR: Ren, because he’s the maknae(youngest).
Ren: Baekho, because he’s really sincere and friendly. It would be fun to travel with him.
Baekho: Minhyun, because he’s good in singing. I can ask him to sing for me.
Aron: JR, because both of us likes to rap! We can go overseas to go to our favourite rappers’ concert!

Q: The most memorable gifts?

JR: A ‘Happy Birthday’ video made by LOVEs!
Minhyun: Letters given by our fans on our 100th day since debut. Our fans served us food too.
Ren: Same with Minhyun’s.
Baekho: A cake with our look-alike dolls on it. I really like it!
Aron: Fanarts by LOVEs. They took a long time to finish them.

Translated by: donqrim via Nuestintl


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