[Performance Flicks] 120314 NU’EST comeback stage on M!countdown (18P)

130214 M!Countdown 130214 M!Countdown (1) 130214 M!Countdown (2)

credit: @MnetCountdown

Performance: Hello Hello + Hello

Performance flicks

600009_524809920896437_1134673750_n 10916_524809907563105_2137141853_n 18504_524809814229781_1983663231_n 66758_524809804229782_1012357915_n 66100_524809820896447_1582147020_n 482498_523930324317730_1425080968_n 69214_523930317651064_115087866_n 526939_523930330984396_760938903_n 382230_524134654297297_2062630934_n 179750_524134594297303_1383908717_n 377756_524134580963971_1638157140_n 382185_524134404297322_1711797757_n 223577_524134494297313_1478582794_n 644116_524134477630648_1534492832_n 31475_524134324297330_1099238443_n


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