Trans: Mr. Fluorescent Colored Sneakers’ Profile


Real name: Lee Jihoon

D.O.B: Nov 22 1996

Blood type: AAA

Body size:
+ 2.48 cm ( It’s my thumbnail~ )
+ Weight: 54kg

Ideal type: Bright and friendly girl (?)

Current address: Seoul Gangnam district -> SEVENTEEN PRACTICE ROOM.

My 24 hours of a day:
9h: Waking up
9h30: Going to practice room
10h: Arrive at practice room and start practicing
( Because previous members already wrote detailedly so there’s no need to write more^^)

My recent biggest interest:
REAL ( in english )

Unique features:
+ Fluorescence, Make up, otter.

Which do I prefer: 
– jaws rice cake vs gukdae rice cake -> Nothing. I hate spicy things
– Shanghai spice chicken burger vs Bacon tomato deluxe ( Mcdonal sets) -> Both
– choco pie vs chupa chups -> chupa chups
– Anipang vs Together chachacha (kakao game) -> Together chachacha
– Infinity challenge vs Running man -> No. I choose Inkigayo…/laugh/
– 63 Building vs Namsan park -> I haven’t gone to any of them so I really want to go…
– Practice room vs dorm -> Practice room! FOR REAL ( sometime this is not true haha)

Practice time: there’s no precise time so I don’t know too haha;;^^

Me 10 years later: Being a good son and live my life.

My future hope: To be satisfied with myself.


Credit: SEVENTEEN Fancafe

Translated by: Pledisblaze


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