Trans: Mr. Mic (Seung Gwan) & Mr. Blue Earmuff (JoonHee)’s profiles

Mr Mic / Bu Seung Gwan’s profile

Name: Bu Seung Gwan / Chinese: 勝寬 (not sure about this hanja) – 승 in winning and 관 in caring.

Date of birth: Jan 16 1998

Blood type: B

Body size: 172cm / 58kg / 265mm(foot size) – i will grow taller ㅠㅠ

Ideal type: Girl who is easy-going, has big eyes and white skin; who is like a same-sex friend.

Current address: Jeju Province / Seoul Kangnam (SEVENTEEN’s dorm) – Boo villa room 401.

My day:
7h: wake up
7h30: Wash my face – brush my teeth – comb my hair – put on uniform – make up my mind
8h: going to school -> by bus^^ i’m a person who travels by public transport
9h-16h: Fun school time >< i love lunch keke
16h: school’s out~!! (>< looks like im too happy?)
17h – ??h: training ㅠㅠ

My recent interest:
– Cultivating myself ❤
– Musical – too.
– Diet – my lifelong companion

My unique features:
– my butt is big and it’s sticking out more
– my eyes are big and they’re sticking out
– my cheekbones are big and they’re sticking out
–> to conclude: Anything that’s big and sticking out is Seung Gwan’s. 😀

Which do i prefer:
jaws rice cake vs gukdae rice cake
– ( he has to choose between 2 sets of mcdonal ) -> No. Only large set.
choco pie vs chupa chups
– Infinity challenge vs Running man -> No. I choose SEVENTEENTV
63 Building vs Namsan park
– Practice room vs dorm – ( im sorry manager nim…^^:;;)

Practice time: differs everyday.

Me in 10 years: Vocal trainer? musical actor? Audition judge?

My future hope: To be a happy person.

Translation: PledisBlaze

Mr Blue Earmuffs/ Wen Junhui’s profile


Name: Wen Junhui (文俊辉) / Moon JoonHwe (문준휘)

Birthday: 1996.06.10

Blood type: B

Height: 180cm

Weight: 63 kg

Ideal type: A girl that looks rather clean and pure I guess…

Address: Seoul, Gangnam district

How you spend your 24 hours:

9am~ Get up

10am~ Go for Korean lessons

12pm~ Head to the practice room ^_^




What you’re concerned with recently: I’m starting to understand some Korean~ Haha ^_^

I hope my singing and dancing skills can also improve~~

About me: I’m one of the taller ones in the group~…

If you see a member who knows wushu, that would be me ^_^

Which you prefer: (bolded his choice)

  1. Jaws ddeokbokki vs International ddeokbokki (ddeokbokki stores)
  2. Shanghai spicy chicken burger vs Bacon tomato deluxe (McDonald’s burgers)
  3. Chocopie vs Chupa Chups
  4. Anipang vs 다함께 차차차 (handphone games)
  5. Infinity Challenge vs Running Man
  6. 63 Building vs Namsan Park
  7. Seventeen’s practice room vs Dorm

Time (in practice room): 12~13 hours I guess…. Didn’t count

Myself in 10 years: Spending everyday happily.

Hopes for the future: To become a very good singer, film a few good shows/films. ~~ As long as it’s not too boring/uninteresting

Credit translations: nu-esteu.tumblr


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