Kpopstarz’s exclusive interview with NU’EST


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last episode, right? A few months ago we featured an exclusive interview with RaNia. This time, we are fortunate to have been able to sit down with Nu’Est during their recent activities in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore. Meeting the adorable five boys was definitely a pleasure for the KpopStarz team, as they were gracious and enthusiastic answering questions for their global fans.

Despite back-to-back overseas schedules and continous interviews during the day of our meeting,Nu’Est, comprised JR, Minhyun, Aron, Baekho and Ren still remained candid and bubbly during our interview. Upon hearing that we are US media, their eyes lit up in gratitude, and even bowed their heads in respect and astonishment. It was a sight to see even if off-the-reel. It was a sure signal that these young lads remain humble even with their rapid ascent to the front line of Kpop, having only debuted last year. They are still amazed at the love they are getting overseas, and hold much affection for their international fans.

During the interview, we had asked them about their thoughts on the Hallyu wave, to which their spokesperson, Aron, said that when they debuted they didn’t expect to receive so much love from all over the world. They are amazed with the spread of Kpop, and even more honored to be part of it, and how now they are even more inspired to be one of the groups to help stretch it even further.

Baekho fondly recalled their experience at KCON, which is their first public showcase in the US. He remembered how he was expecting only Korean-Americans to be coming to watch them, and was surprised to see fans in the US from different nationalities actually came to cheer and see them perform. The KpopStarz team who attended KCON can attest to this, and remember well how Nu’Est still remained all smiles and gracious amid a throng of fans in a crowded tent who came to their meet-and-greet. It must have indeed been a surreal experience to see all that support.

Sensing that the focus was shifting towards more the US and international fans, JR, ever the leader who tries to unite any factions in a fandom, gently reminded that while they may be surprised to see international fans supporting them in places like KCON and Singapore, “there are no differences between fans in US and Korea. They both support Nu’Est passionately”.

During their interview, Nu’Est also revealed another side of them not often spoken about, that of their deep connection to their co-label artists in Pledis Entertainment and their love and affection for each other. Minhyun shared how they are given advice by their seniors and was reminded to always “have good character towards everyone and to respect each other”. In a very competitive arena, this is definitely valuable advice for a rookie. When asked who they would switch bodies too among the team, everyone showed much respect for each other, especially for JR who works hard due to being a leader and Aron who does heavylifting too being the spokesperson. While Ren, the youngest member, and also the most shy, he showed his affection to his older members by being amicable with their statements and reiterating his appreciation of them and of their global fans.

The interview, while short, certainly shows Nu’Est as just a group of normal teenage boys who also just happen to be an idol band. The ways they have fun and take a break are the same, and even more so, the down-to-earth way they take praise and the passionate way they work hard remind us how ‘normal’ can also get you somewhere big. Nu’Est definitely has made their mark in Kpop, and will do even more so for a long time!

Watch our exclusive interview here!!



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