17TV Season3 Theme Song [Lyrics]

우리가 또 다시 왔다 , 많이 기다렸었나?

[We’re here again, Did you wait long?]

지금 멋있게 돌아왔다, 계속 사랑해줄래?

[We’ve now returned coolly, Will you keep loving us?]

왔어요 왔어요 17이 왔어요 , 친구들 불렀어, 다같이 본방사수

[We’re here We’re here 17-ie is here, We called for our friends, let’s watch (the show) live together]

우리도 여러분께 즐거운 드릴게요. 왔어요 왔어요 17이~~~ 왔어요!

[We too will give joy to you. We’re here We’re here 17-ie~~~ is here!!]


mp3 crd : amygiggles

Trans by: 17i-wasseoyo via pledis17@tumblr


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